Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sawyer is 23 Months Old

I can't believe this little beauty queen is only one month away from being two years old!  What?!  It's so crazy to me that this sweet little one is growing up so quickly.  Sawyer is a ball of energy lately and she is really stepping into herself.  It's been a super fun month, but it's crazy how much this little one is growing up.

Sweet Sawyer:
- This month you have quickly become a Daddy's girl.  You've always loved your Daddy, but this month it seems you want nothing to do with me & you want Daddy.  I love how you look to him for his attention.... it's priceless.
- This month you have started throwing some temper-tantrums.  When you get mad you will bend over and put your head in between your feet and sit there quietly.  {Sometimes you do a flip, but mostly you just stand bent at the waist with your hiney in the air.}  Speaking of tantrums, today you had one of your roughest ones yet.  I asked you to put your coat and hat in your room and you did not want to do that at all.  After a 50 minute tantrum and back and forth into time-out you soon realized that you were going to have to listen and obey and you finally made a good choice.  I know that these moments are just you growing up and learning boundaries, but it can be difficult on both of us.
- Occasionally this month you have been waking up 45 minutes to an hour into your nap just crying.  I try to calm you down and get you to go back to sleep- sometimes you do, but other times you don't. I think you are just at that phase that you are learning that you don't want to miss any action.
- You are still loving Bible class.  You will walk in with your Bible and sit down in the chair like such a big girl.  It's so sweet.
- You have really started to notice when you are wet or poopy in your diaper.  You will grab your diaper & kind of whine and say "Shooooo.... shoooo" when you want to be changed.  I'm thinking you're going to be ready to start potty training soon, but I'm a little gun shy on that whole process from your sister.
- The past week you have really started to try to say more and more words & you are finally pronouncing some correctly.  We have been trying to get you to say "Bee" (my mom) for awhile now, and you have only been able to say "Baaa."  Well about a week ago you actually started to say, "Bee."  Yeah!!  You also can say "baby" now.  The other day you were holding your phone and you kept saying, "he-whoa" (hello).  Today you tried to copy me when I was working with Kennedie on her Bible verse, "With God all things are possible, " you would repeat after me and it sounded like this: "Whee," "Dod," "awww" "tha" "aww" "ba".  It was so cute!
-The past two weeks at Music & Movement at the library you have actually started participating instead of just sitting back and watching.  It's so cute to watch you when we reach high to the ground and then touch our toes.  Precious!
- You have started to have some break outs of some hives on the tops of your hands, part of your arms, and  tops of your feet this month.  The doctor is not sure if it is something you are eating or touching.  We are trying to figure it out.  It doesn't seem to bother you much, it just itches some, but we have been able to control it by taking some medicine so far.
- You are still wearing 2T & 24 month clothing & six 6 & 1/2 shoes.
- You are still enjoying playing with your baby dolls.
- You are very sympathetic and you show lots of concern if someone else is crying or hurt.  So sweet to see your tender heart.

My sweet little girl, I can't believe that another month has already come and gone.  You are growing up so much and it's so neat to watch you learn new things or try to figure things out.  You are so sweet and so smart.  I love little moments where you will climb up into my lap and sit with me.  I love how you want so much to be apart of whatever is going on.  My heart is so full of love for you sweet Sawyer.  You are so incredibly beautiful- made so perfect in God's own image.  I feel so blessed that you are my daughter.  I love you more than I'll ever be able to put into words.  Thank you for being my precious, precious little girl.

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