Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas with Lantz's side of the Family

The day after our Six Flags adventure we headed to Bonham for Christmas with Papa (Lantz's dad) and Nana.  The girls of course were so excited to spend the day with their cousins and of course more presents.  Here are a few pictures from our gift exchange:

We brought the girl's bikes up too, and since it was a pretty nice day they had a chance to ride them some.  Audrey (Lantz's step brother's daughter) even had a chance to come over and play outside too!  At one point the girls hoped off their bikes and went on a quick "run" with their Aunt K and cousins.  Here are a few pictures from their outdoor fun:

Silly Face

Needless to say it was a big day for the girls, but I one crashed a little sooner than the other.  Check out this sweet picture of Sawyer all cuddled up asleep on her Papa:

All in all we had such a great time!

The next day Binky (Lantz's mom) and Pop came to stay at our house for some more Christmas celebrations!  Mike, Kristal, and the kids all packed up and headed our way too.  We had a great time just hanging out, eating, exchanging Christmas presents, and thrifting.  I guess we had so much fun that I forgot to take the camera out to capture all the fun times.  Boo. :(

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