Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

We had Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.  My mom WAY out did herself and made the girls the most ADORABLE outfits ever!  I'm dying over the cuteness just looking at the picture.  Here they are:

Then the girls opened a present from Bee & Cowboy:

They got baby dolls with matching outfits!  They LOVED it!  They thought it was so great that their babies had on clothes just like them.  

Then they opened their present from Aunt Feather & Uncle Ellis:

Horton Hears a Who... which they were very excited about.  They had never seen it.  We watched it a few days later & they loved it.  Super cute little movie.

Then my mom surprised the girls (or me) with another cute little outfit that she made for them:

Bee is definitely spoiling these girls with her great talent!  These are such sweet little outfits on & will be a great transition.  They can wear them now with white shirts under & then wear them without the shirts when it warms up.  They have also already gotten wear out of the pants with different shirts.  Love!


We decided not to do presents this year with us adults (it was supposed to be for my kids too, but they have an aunt & uncle & grandparents who like to spoil), and in exchange we were each supposed to bring a "game" to play.  We "played" Mom & Dad's game first.  They made a scavenger hunt that we all had to work together to find the "prize."  {Little stinkers filled up some stockings for us & called it a prize, not a gift.}  It was loads of fun, and we did pretty awesome at finding each clue.  I don't have pictures of this, but Mom videoed the whole thing. It really was so fun!

Lantz & I brought cookies to decorate (previous post) and also "Minute to Win it" style games.  We laughed and laughed.  We were pretty competitive.  We played boys vs. girls and I hate to admit it, but the boys whooped us.  Here are a few pictures from the fun (I didn't get pictures of all the games because I was having to participate in most of them):

Heather & Ellis brought some board games that we didn't have time for on Christmas Eve, but played on the day after Christmas.  

From my parents house we headed over to Baba's house for some snacks & hot chocolate. And guess who just happened to show up again this year?  That's right the big man himself came by.  We snagged some pictures with him before heading out the door to our church for our Christmas Eve service:

After our Christmas Eve service we got home and got the girls in their Christmas pajamas and then we let them pick one cookie out to leave for Santa.  

We then snuggled our girls and did our typical nighttime routine.  Then we all waited patiently for Santa to come.  

We were blessed with an amazing Christmas Eve filled with lots of fun memories, family, and laughter. 

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