Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Cookies 2013

We decided to bake our cookies on December 23rd this year.  We decked the halls with lots of Christmas music, cheer, and cookies!  I'm not going to lie.... sometimes it would be easier to just do it ourselves, but it's great to get the girls involved and they have so much fun.  They definitely don't full "get" how to use the cookie cutter & get it onto the pan yet.  All in all we got them baked & the frosting all made up.  

We decided to decorate our cookies at my mom & dad's house again this year on Christmas Eve. It was fun because Aunt Feather & Uncle Ellis got to decorate too.  (Much easier to just strip down than worry about the icing getting everywhere.)

Cookie decorating was extra special this year because "Baby Ray" got to have a part in it already.  We  knew we wanted to name her after my dad, but he didn't know that yet.  I decorated a star cookie & wrote "Ray" in the middle of it (no one was paying attention).  I then said, "Well the new baby has to have a cookie.... we may not know her name yet, but we do know her middle name." I then held up my cookie so my dad could see.  It was a priceless reaction!  So sweet.  He started crying and we all were so happy.  I'm so glad that we got to surprise him with it at our cookie decorating.  Here is a picture with my dad holding up the "Ray" cookie:

We eventually got all the cookies decorated and ready for Santa & sharing with others.  

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