Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas at Preschool

So this year we got to add a new type of celebration to our full calendar.  Kennedie had her first school Christmas party & her first ever school Christmas program!  It was so much fun to see our sweet little girl in new environments & doing new things.

Here are a few pictures from her "party" at school.  {They got to wear their Christmas pajamas to school & for the program that night.}

Making a jingle bell necklace

Putting together some trail mix

Still trail mixing

Making Santa together

Sawyer had to get in on the trail mix action

Kennedie's completed Santa

Sawyer's big bag of trail mix

Love that this sweet girl was there for lots of memory making too!

Sweet Kennedie and her "wreath" that she made.
Lantz was at the Christmas party too contrary to what the pictures may "say."  Believe it or not he was on picture duty this time & I got to "play."  It was a good trade off because normally it's the other way around.  But don't worry- Lantz did lots of partying too!

I can't even begin to explain to you how exciting it was to watch Kennedie in her school program.  I was a little nervous for her because she tends to "clam" up a bit in larger crowds, and there were a ton of people there.  It was a school wide program (preschool through high school) so there were lots of parents, grandparents, and friends all there to watch.  Also, Kennedie only goes 2 days a week and others go 3 days, so I thought she may not know the words and movements as much as others.  The preschool was up first and Kennedie looked so cute up on the stage in her pajamas, watching her teacher for directions.

I was so surprised when the music started and my sweet little girl was singing & dancing right along with everyone else.  There were several little cuties that clammed up a bit, but surprisingly it wasn't our Miss K.  She totally killed it!  She was such a little rock star!  I could not have been more proud of her.  She sand every word & tried her best to do all the movements perfectly!  It was the cutest little thing ever.  They did three songs.  I videoed all of them {or course}!  I'll spare the video, but here are a few pictures of her on stage getting ready to go (She is right in the middle):

All in all it was a super fun day with lots of fun memories!

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