Friday, January 3, 2014

3rd Girl ... Baby "Ray"

Well I am still overjoyed about finding out that we are going to have a 3rd little girl to love on.  She is already such a prevalent part of our family & her older sisters are already so excited about her.  Kennedie asks pretty frequently when the baby is coming out of my belly.  It's so sweet.  When I ask Sawyer where the baby is she will lift up my shirt and point to my belly.  She LOVES, I mean LOVES blowing bubbles on my belly to give her sister kisses.  She thinks it's so funny!  Too cute!

Well, my belly is growing for sure.  Now, I'm not so sure it's all baby or partly all the yummy sweets I've been indulging in due to the holidays.  Either way- the bump is getting bigger. Here is the growth over the last few weeks:

We went to the doctor today and everything is looking and sounding great with our sweet little girl.  Hearing her little heart beat is still the best sound ever, and something that I will never tire of hearing.  I got to feel this sweet little one move for the first time sometime between 19 and 20 weeks and every little kick since then has been a sweet little reminder of the blessing to come in April.

We haven't officially decided on a first name yet, but have her sweet little middle name picked out already.  We've decided to name her after my dad.  His name is Michael Ray (named after my grandfather, Charles Ray), and so we've decided that no matter what first name we pick out we want her middle name to be Ray.  Our prayer is that she will also be a "ray" of light for our Lord here in this world.

We have just been calling her "Baby Ray" since the first name is undecided.  I kinda like it.  :)

Just for fun I thought I might actually share the names we're considering for her first name.  Here are our top choices for this little golden "ray" of light:

Preslee Ray
Mavryk Ray
Chantzlyn Ray {the "ntz" to carry on the legacy from Lantz & his dad, Frantz}

What's your favorite?  (Not that your vote will sway us, but just curious.)

Although her first name may still be up in the air, it's very much clear that our love for this little girl is beyond measure already. 


  1. Our baby girl Isla's middle name is Rae. Marty's middle name is ray. Not sure why they changed the y but it is a sweet name. I think my favorite is Preslee ray. Love it. You are so cute as an expecting mom. Love ya

  2. I smiled at the thought of your "Sweet Baby Ray" and then laughed, too: It's also a BBQ sauce!

    Huge fan of your family and know this baby girl will be cherished and brought up as God's child first and foremost. -
    Tamie Ross