Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sawyer is 17 Months Old

I can't believe another month has already passed by!  Where does the time go?  Yesterday my sweet second daughter turned 17 months old, and oh my how we love her to pieces!

Sawyer Sue:

- Your small little outbursts of tantrums have continued this month.  The main cause of those is typically your sister taking something away from you, or Mommy or Daddy sitting you down for a minute.  You have really wanted Mommy & Daddy to hold you the past few weeks.
- You have really started playing with baby dolls this month.  I'm not sure if you are mimicking your sisters behaviors, or if you truly are developing your own little "mommy"self.  Either way it is so cute... especially when you hold them and rock them & sing "nigh, nigh" to them.
- Speaking of talking...  you still don't do much of that.  I feel like you will come out of your shell any day now and start communicating more with us.  You will shake your head appropriately.  If we ask you a question you will shake up and down for yes and side to side for no.  So you completely understand us, but you just haven't started talking much.  You do say "nigh, nigh" now for "night, night," and you can say "uh-oh" now which is really cute.  You have also learned the sign for "milk" now.  You like to point and say "uh" to let us know what you want.
- You stayed away from Mommy and Daddy for 4 nights while we went to New York.
- You have started playing on the play equipment at the park and Chick-fil-a instead of just sitting and watching.  You think you are such a big girl when you crawl up all by yourself.  So cute!
- You still love playing with balls!
- You still have 12 teeth, but I think you may be trying to get some new ones-- I've noticed your hand in your mouth several times over the past week.
- You are such a little Daddy's girl.  You get so excited when Daddy comes home or when he picks you up and gives you attention.  Too precious.
- You are still sleeping great at night, but lately we've been skipping your morning nap and you've just been sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon.  You tend to catch some cat naps in the car while we are running around in the mornings.
- Today we put in a new big girl carseat.  Your infant seat was just too small for you now.  You think you are big stuff now in a carseat like your big sisters.
- You give a really cute little face when you want to smile, but you are trying so hard not to.... your stubborn side coming out.
-I love when you get so excited that you smile full teeth and squint your eyes.... TO.DIE.FOR.  I love it!
-You have started wanting to look at books more this month.  They hold your attention a little longer than before.
-You have really started to get the hang of coloring and you really enjoy it.  You also like to write on the sidewalk with chalk.... maybe a future artist?

My precious little angel, you are such a sweet little girl.  You are so loving and gentle.  You have an opinion about what you are playing with and what you are eating, and it's been so fun watching your little personality develop more and more.  I love holding you and cuddling with you.  I love those rare moments when you still fall fast asleep on me.  I love your sweet smile and your fun, spunky little personality.  I love how independent you are and yet how you'll still let me love on you.  I love that you are my daughter and I am your mother.  You will forever be my sweet little angel.  I love you more than words could ever express.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Splash Park

It's not summer without some visits to the splash park!  Here are some pictures from our visit a few weeks ago! 

Checking it out with Daddy....
Ready or not- they are off! 

Big sis's turn!

You can't tell that we love playing with Daddy in these pictures, can you??

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dallas Arboretum

So about a month ago I got to meet up with some sweet friends at the Dallas Arboretum.  They are actually wives of my husband's friends from LCU.  They are a sweet group and I'm blessed to call them my own friends.  Anyways, it was fun to get together with them & bring all the kids to let them play together.  It was a nice day--not too hot yet.

Of course Kennedie & Eli stuck close together at first since they were "better acquainted."

It was so cute how they held hands down the slide and wanted to ride together in the wagon (with their sunglasses on).  Precious.

They had a little petting zoo, and when I say little, I mean little.  It was so dinky and there were about a million kids trying to pet the animals.  It was a little bit of a mad house, but Kennedie of course wanted to check it out.  Here she is with a sheep and goat and then brushing the sheep:

Then we all found a picnic spot and dug in:
Stole this picture from Natalie's blog-- that's why she's not in it. I forgot to take one of everyone. 

My cuties!

Cute little Zoe-- Daniel & Natalie's youngest

Kason (Daniel & Natalie's oldest) & Sawyer... She appears to be checking him out

All the kiddos exploring!
Here is our best attempt at a group shot:
The gang....minus a few. :) Pretty good looking group!

All in all it was a blessed day & I'm grateful to have been able to enjoy the time with my sweet friends!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Backyard Fun

We've been enjoying some backyard water time this summer!  I especially love the little tiny-hiney in the picture below (please ignore the ghetto-ness of our rental backyard):

A Little Mommy

I love that Kennedie loves to play with her babies.  Kennedie doesn't like to play by herself very much, but if by chance she is then it's probably to play with her babies.  She has like 7 or 8 babies, but she loves and plays with every single one.  She loves to wrap them in blankets, carry them in carseats, push them in the stroller, feed them, put them to bed, and change their diapers.  She especially loves it when an adult will play with her and pretend with her.  So cute! It's so precious how she cares for them, and it's really neat to see her "copy" lots of the things I do and say as a mother.  It's a good reminder that little eyes are watching and little ears are listening to everything I do and say.

Summer Iphone Pics

A few images from the summer from Lantz's phone:

We took the girls to a beach at the lake in Little Elm:

We took the teens to a Ranger game... oh, and 2 little girls:

We took the high school to Kadesh session 1 at ACU:

This was our awesome group that we led at K1 this year-- theme: Grace:

This was a picture from a family date night:

Love our family, our life, and our Lord! 

Kennedie's 3 Year Portraits

So, I'm trying terribly to find time to catch up on my blog posts.... these are only about a month late.  :) I  took Kennedie's 3 year portraits about a week after her birthday.  It was very spur of the moment, and it only lasted about 20 minutes tops.  These are some of my favorite pictures ever.  I think they just capture her sweet little personality.  Unfortunately I forgot the bug spray and didn't have time to go back and get it since it was literally 20 minutes until sunset.  I didn't think it would be that bad, but boy was I wrong.  I learned my lesson the hard way.  Both Kennedie & I were eaten alive by chiggers.  The next week was a rough week in our house.... I felt like the worst mom ever.  So, as much as I love these pictures, I feel awful about Miss K being eaten up.  I guess I'm at least grateful that they turned out so lovely since we went through so much pain to get them.  It was so hard picking which ones to edit.  I really did love all of them because there was a little piece of her personality in each one.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kennedie's Curious George Party

So.... about a month (and a week) ago {I'm a little late on this post} we celebrated Kennedie's 3rd birthday.  It was a no brainer on what the theme would be.  I'm pretty sure she requested a Curious George party before Christmas!  This girl LOVES Curious George!

I was SO unbelievably excited to throw Kennedie a party that she would love!  It was so neat to use a theme that she picked all by herself.

I was a little worried at first though.  Most Curious George parties out there seem to be a bit on the "boyish" side, and you know me.... it was going to have to be a "girlie" party.

I stuck with the main colors of red, yellow, and sky blue with some brown {from George himself}.  I tried to give it a bit of a "vintage" feel since that is really in style right now & most of the things I have access to are more "old school."

Kennedie also loves playing at any park.  Seriously.  She loves to swing and slide and swing some more! We knew we would have to have it at a park to fit her personality.  We decided on the park at our church so we wouldn't have to worry about trying to mark our territory or worry about stranger danger.

The birthday girl also decided on the main course- hot dogs!  When I gave her several choices of what we could eat at her party, hot dogs was the one she wanted.

I had plenty of help to create some special touches.  My friend Natalie did all the design work for me, and let me tell you people, she is incredible to work with.  She designed the invitations, the food tent labels, the cute signs, the straw flags, the jar labels, the water bottle labels, the favor tags, and also the "thank you" note postcards.  She created everything custom to add that special flare to Kennedie's party.  If you need any design work done, let me tell you-- she is your girl!  Check out her Etsy shop   or "like" her Facebook page to keep up with her latest work.  Thanks again Natalie!

I also had some help with my baked goods.  My sweet friend Andrea helped me decorate all the Curious George sugar cookies.  We decided on a ball that George played on and matched her shirt, George himself, and the number 3.  They turned out SO cute & definitely added that special touch to the party.  She also made the most AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS cupcakes EVER!  Seriously- they were that good.  They were banana split cupcakes..... AHHH!  Are your tastebuds watering yet?  They were so good & looked so cute too.... I'm craving one just writing about it right now.  She also created the adorable yellow hat cake.  It looked just like The Man in the Yellow Hat's hat!  Kennedie was so excited about it!  It was delicious too!  If you are local then you should message me and I'll give you her information.

My friend Erin also used her handy dandy machine to help me cut out the cupcake wrappers and the "Kennedie" and "three" signs.  She also tipped me off on the yarn puff garland.  Thanks Erin!

Big thanks to my mom & grandmother who let me borrow some stuff for decor & my friend Simmeri for letting me borrow her son's Curious George fire fighter!

And then of course there is my sweet husband who got up early and helped me set the whole party up! Thanks babe!

Besides the baked goods & paper designs, some of my favorite touches to the party were the yarn puff garland, the popcorn bar {Kennedie loves popcorn}, the George bunting above the food table, the yarn covered 3, using my Dad's wooden tool holder he made in middle school as the plate/napkin/silverware holder, the small wooden Radio Flyer wagon that held the beans, and the Curious George shirt I made the birthday girl {thanks Pinterest for the idea}.

Super easy and cheap back drops were crepe paper.  Yes crepe paper!  I love the fun little touch it added behind both the desert table and the food table.

My only regret from the party?   Not getting a picture with my nice camera of the desert table full length floor to ceiling.  Yes, I know that sounds so silly, but when you are a photographer things like that matter.  Boo!  Luckily I got all the zoomed in pictures and details, and my mom had an iphone picture of the table floor to ceiling.

I loved how the drink station turned out too... I just put it on the same table as the popcorn.

Favors were sacks of popcorn to go for everyone & Curious George coloring books for the kids.

Here are some more pictures {go to my Facebook page to see tons more}:

It was such a fun little party and Kennedie LOVED it!  We were so blessed by our sweet friends and family that came to celebrate with us!  Cheers to Miss K being 3 now!