Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great time this year for Thanksgiving.  Pretty much the same get-up as last year, but it's always fun to be with family.

Thursday morning we got up & I started cooking sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and cream corn to bring to my mom's house.  The girls really enjoyed watching the parade this year.  We had a breakfast picnic in front of the TV so they could watch.

For some reason I only got a few pictures of the decor & food at mom's house & not of family. What?!

Momma Jean did give the girls new Christmas ornaments:

The attendance list for Thanksgiving at my parents house: Mom & Dad, Momma Jean & Poppa, Uncle Marty (Dad's brother), Heather & Ellis, and our family.  We had lots of fun times!

Later in the after noon I snapped a few pictures for Mom & Dad, & Heather & Ellis.  Here are a few:

The next day we went to my Aunt Danice's house for a Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's side of the family.  We enjoyed dinner on her closed in back porch.  Here is a picture I snapped (while no one was looking):

Overall we had a very blessed time & I am so grateful that the Lord brought us back to Texas to be able to be close to family.  You know, while we lived in Las Vegas we didn't get to come home once for Thanksgiving.  It wasn't that big of a deal at the time, and our friends there were very generous in including us in their celebrations.... but there is something about being with family that is nice.... it's comfortable.  Anyways, I'm just thankful that it was such an enjoyable time.

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