Monday, December 16, 2013

Sawyer is 22 Months Old

I can't believe that this big girl is already 22 months old {yesterday}!  Time is flying by these days-- especially since we are staying busy this holiday season thus far.  I look at the above picture and see that my baby girl is quickly turning into my little girl.  Oh how I wish I could freeze time sometimes!

Sawyer Sue:

- This month one of the cutest little things is that you are starting to enjoy playing hide-and-go seek with your sister.  You don't quit have the hiding down yet, but you really good at "counting" and then going to find Kennedie.  I love when you "count."  You will put your little face against the wall and say, "Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh."  SO cute!  Then you will hold your little arms up like, "Where is she?"  I just can't get enough of it.
- Although I don't think you've learned to say any new words this month, it does seem like you are more interested in trying to talk.  You will try to copy our words, but honestly they don't sound anything like what they are supposed to.  It's super cute though!  Even though you can say "yes," you will mainly answer every question with the answer, "no."
- You have started taking turns "praying."  You will try to copy each word we tell you.  It's so sweet to watch you learn this process. {Last month you started bowing your head, closing your eyes, and folding your hands together over your eyes, but this month we've tried to let you "say" the prayer.}
- I don't think I've ever documented this, but you always eat pizza slices backwards. It makes me smile just thinking about it.  Every time we turn the pizza slice the "right" way, you will get mad and flip it to the crust.  You always eat your pizza crust first and then work your way to the smallest part.  You have done this ever since you started eating pizza a few months ago, but I don't think I've ever remembered to write about it.  I love that you have already developed your own unique style-- even if it is just eating pizza.
- You are still primarily wearing 24 month & 2T clothing with a few 18 month things still in the mix. Size 6-6&1/2 shoes.
- You have started to show interest in the potty and we've sat you on it a few times, but nothing happens.  I think you are still far from beginning to be potty trained, but you never know.
- You still love playing with babies & balls.
- Some of your favorite foods are bananas & broccoli.
- You will now pretty much open your mouth for us when we try to brush your teeth & say "ahhhh." Makes life much easier.

My precious little pumpkin-doodle, it amazes me every month how much you are slowly growing and learning new things.  You are very observant and so smart.  It seems like you pick up on things so easily by just watching your big sister.  It's so precious how you follow her & want to do exactly what she is doing.  You are such a gentle little girl and I love that about you.  I love how you laugh and smile and play.  Every day I thank God the Father for you & for allowing me to be your Momma.  Although you are growing up more and more each day, I love that you will still snuggle with me.  I will forever treasure the fleeting moments like these where you just cuddle up on me and fall asleep:
Even though you are getting bigger, you will forever be my baby girl...... I love you so  much Sawyer Sue.

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