Monday, December 23, 2013

One Little, Two Little, Three Little......


We are so excited to announce that we are having a third precious little daughter!  I can't even begin to express my pure excitement and joy!! Lantz and I both have dreamed of having a house full of girls and it looks like we'll get to be living that dream!

In case your curious about how we found out we were having another girl.....

We went in for our sonogram on December 2nd to find out about the growth of our little one & the sex of the baby.  We asked our nurse to not show us what the sex was, so she told us to look away when she went "down under."  We asked her to write the sex of the baby down in an envelope for us to open.  We decided that we'd wait until December 18th, our 9 year anniversary, before we opened it.  We thought it would be fun since we opened Kennedie's envelope on Christmas morning and Sawyer's envelope on Lantz's birthday.  It just seemed fitting to open it on another special day for us.
I am not going to lie, I feel like this envelope tempted me more than the others.  I would find my mind drifting to the thought of the envelope and the answer that awaited me.

For our anniversary my mom came over to watch the girls for us while Lantz and I went to dinner.  We decided on a Japanese steak house since we both love hibachi and rarely get to eat it because of the price.  After hibachi we decided we'd go to Cheesecake Factory (one of our favorites also) for dessert and the opening of our envelope.  We decided that we'd ask our waitress to open the envelope and bring us the chocolate coconut cheesecake (our favorite & what we always get {makes sense- we've always gotten girls}) if the envelope said "Girl," and we asked her to bring us the Oreo cheesecake if it said boy (we both love Oreo & it sounded fun{like I'm sure a boy would have been}).

Well, we sat there on pins and needles for what felt like FOREVER, but in reality was like less than ten minutes.  Lantz & I decided to pray together for our next sweet little baby while we waited.  Then... here is what our waitress sat down in front of us:

It took us a second.... we were like, "Is that coconut?"  "It's a girl, right?"  As our waitress said, "Yes, it's a girl," the tears began streaming down my face and I was as giddy as a school girl!  Lantz and I kissed and hugged and cried tears of joy and then sat there and stuffed our faces with cheesecake & talked about our 3rd sweet little girl.  It was such a fun night!  I really can't explain the emotions that I was feeling after we found out about our little girl.  I was so insanely excited, and so utterly grateful.  My heart poured thanksgiving out to my Lord for blessing us with another girl..... what I so desperately wanted for our family.  I am still so smitten by the idea of having three little girls in our home.  Wow!

After dessert we couldn't wait to get home to tell our girls the good news-- they were having a sister!  Kennedie has been saying "girl" all along, so we knew she would be excited.  I don't think Sawyer really understands yet, but she will soon.  We decided that we'd go to Party City and get 2 balloons for the girls- 2 pink & 2 blue for them to take a picture with (to torment family & then later Facebook friends).  Here the girls are:

We asked the girls if they could only keep one balloon which one did they want.  They both said they wanted their pink balloons which was super fun.  We were like, "Both of you want pink balloons?... Do you know what we are having?.... Another girl!!!!!!"  (My mom got to watch all of this of course since she babysat (that was the moment she found out).  We were all hugging and screaming and so excited!  It was so much fun!!  Here are the girls with their pink balloons:

We then sent the pink balloon picture out to family, followed pretty quickly by sending it out to Facebook because we just were so excited & couldn't keep it in any longer!  We totally weren't thinking and forgot to ask my mom to take a picture of all 4 of us with the pink balloons, or at least one with Lantz & I.  So we improvised.  We asked our 3 year old to take a picture.  We were posing for some, but she caught this one too & it's my favorite:
(Ignore my house shoes... I had already gotten comfy.)
I love the above picture because it truly does capture the joy that Lantz and I felt that night.  I guess Kennedie might take after her Mommy & be a little photographer.   Any who.... needless to say we are BEYOND excited & can't wait for our little girl to make her grand appearance in April.

My third little girl... you are already so loved and my heart is already so smitten by you.  I can't wait to welcome you into our family.  I thank God for you daily and my prayer is that He continues to grow you and form you into His image.  I love you so much sweet baby girl.  See you, hug you, kiss you in April...... 


  1. Love love reading all your writings. I could feel the excitement as I read how y'all found out about your third baby girl. What three blessed little girls with such loving devoted Christian parents. I love the picture your sweet little one took. Love you all

  2. So fun. . . congrats to you guys! We are having a second girl in 4 weeks!