Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lantz's Marathon

So this past weekend we loaded up the girls and headed to College Station.  Lantz's sister, Kristal, asked his to run a half marathon with him awhile ago, and he decided since his sister was doing the half that he had to out-do her and run the full marathon.  Besides that he likes to set new goals and reach them & he had already run a half marathon in the past.

They ran in the Scott & White BCS Marathon for Mercy Project.  If you don't know anything about Mercy Project then you should get on their website & do some browsing.  It's pretty incredible work that they are doing.  They are looking to free children in slavery in Ghana, Africa who have been taken to work in fishing villages.  What an amazing organization & amazing work they are doing for the kingdom!  Click HERE to read more.

It was really cool to watch Lantz do some fundraising for Mercy Project before the race.  He was able to raise over $500 to go towards ending child slavery in Ghana.  I'm so proud of him.  Not just for running a marathon, but for doing for a purpose.

Back to the run....but first about the weekend.  We were a little nervous about the bad weather heading to DFW this past weekend so we decided to get an early start and leave for College Station on Thursday.  It's a good thing that we did, otherwise we would have been iced in & Lantz wouldn't have gotten to run.  We were blessed to spend all weekend with Kristal & her family and not be here stuck in our house all weekend.  It got cold in College Station, but never did ice like DFW.

The race was on Sunday morning & the girls and I headed out to cheer on our  favorite runner.  We were first able to spot Lantz at mile 10.  Here he is looking good:

It was SO cold that morning.  I don't know how they did it.  The girls were all bundled up and we were so excited to see Lantz with a smile on his face and a little bit faster pace than we were expecting.  I loaded the girls up and we headed on to try to catch him again.  We decided we'd wait for him at mile 16.  Here are the girls playing around waiting for Daddy:

We finally spotted Lantz! He was still looking great {In front of the 4hour 15 min pace guy}:

Although he's smiling in the above pictures when he got close enough he let me know that he was starting to cramp.... not good for a runner.  I was really starting to worry about him.  When I got the girls back in the car I said a little prayer for him that he could feel good & be able to finish.

I had intentions of trying to see him one more time before the finish line, but to be honest it was a rough morning on the girls and they weren't exactly in the best mood.  I decided it'd be better to let Sawyer nap a little in the van and then see him at the finish.

When we got over to the finish line we found Kristal & hugged her neck.  She had finished her fist half marathon!  I was so proud of her!  We then found a place by the finish line & started watching for Lantz.  I started getting worried when it was 15 minutes after when he was expected to finish.  I was just hoping he wasn't at a medic stand & he was going to be able to finish.

Here are the girls... getting antsy:

It was so exciting when I finally spotted him!  I started crying because I was so proud of him.  Here he is right about to cross the finish line (a little blurry because I was jumping up and down & yelling for him):

He definitely made us so proud!  He finished under 5 hours which he wasn't too excited about, but he finished!  It was especially awesome considering he was cramping from like mile 15 on!

He said one of the coolest things about the race was right at the end when he rounded the corner before seeing the finish line.  Right before the finish were HUGE pictures of some of the boys from Ghana.  Both he & Kristal said that it was one of the most emotional things they've ever experienced & both said they started crying when they saw the pictures.  I didn't get to see them in person, but here is a picture from Kristal's iPhone:

I can only imagine how cool it was to see those incredible pictures after working so hard all morning on behalf of those sweet little boys.

We found Lantz after the race & of course had to take some pictures.

Here is Lantz & Kristal with their medals trying to stay warm:

And then of course the girls & I had to have a picture with our Mr. Marathoner! To say I'm a proud wife would be an understatement.

Finally I had to capture one of my guy by himself:

Lantz, I am so incredibly proud of you!  Great job Babe!  I love you!


  1. That's awesome Jessica! Please tell Lantz we are proud of him :) Bryan & I have always worked out but we have never been serious runners. We have done several 5K's through the years, but Bryan just did his first 10K over Thanksgiving & he is doing a half marathon in March. Who knows if he will ever make it as far as Lantz!

    1. Any size race completion is pretty awesome in my book!