Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas at Dee's

Two weekends ago we loaded up the van and headed to Abilene for Christmas at Lantz's Aunt Dee's house.  This is always a fun weekend that we look forward to.  All of Lantz's aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins gather together for a holiday weekend.  It's always full of great memories of playing lots of games, laughing too loud, and eating too much!  This year was no exception-- we had a blast!  It's even more fun as the girls get bigger because they get to enjoy their second/third (?? Lantz's cousins kids??).  As always I forget to pull my camera out, but here are a few pictures that I grabbed that weekend:

Before we got to Aunt Dee's we stopped by Nana's house (Lantz's mom) so that we could say hi & let the girls get in a few minutes of extra loving from this sweet lady:

After we got to Dee's:
Sawyer snuggled up with Papa & Abby

Aunt Betty getting some loving' from the newest member of this side of the family, Cousin Chelsea's new baby Case.


You can't see it, but she is holding up a Tinker Bell doll.  She was pretty excited!

Sawyer was wiped out after presents & decided to snuggle up with me.  No doubt I took full advantage of the extra cuddles.  I enjoyed ever precious minute of this.

Cousin Logan pulling the girls in their four wheeler (out of batteries).  Dad was near by to make sure there were no accidents.  

They had tons of fun despite the look on their faces in this picture. 

We decided since we needed to be back home for worship on Sunday morning that we'd just give the girls baths at Dee's, put them in their pajamas, load up the van, and drive back late Saturday night.  It worked out perfect because the girls just crashed on the ride home & we made pretty good time.

We needed to get back in town because Sunday was our church's big Angel Tree event.  This is such a fun thing & so neat to be apart of.  There are present pick up stations, arts & crafts, present wrapping, eating, and pictures with Santa.  So of course we got our yearly picture with the girls in their Christmas dresses with Santa:
No smiles, but no tears either... I would consider it a success.  (Kennedie wouldn't sit with Santa- she just stood by him.) 
All in all I would consider it a wonderful weekend.  Again, I just feel like we are so blessed to be so close to family.  I love being able to see people that we love & that I know love us & our girls.  Being with family truly is the best gift of all.

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