Friday, November 15, 2013

Sawyer is 21 Months Old

I can't believe that girlfriend is already 21 months old!  This is a big age marker for me because when Kennedie was 21 months old we welcomed this precious little sweetheart into our lives.  Sawyer still seems like my little baby- I can't even imagine baby 3 being here with Sawyer at this fun age.

My precious little Sawyer Sue,

- You are most certainly trying to expand your vocal library, but you are having such a hard time making certain sounds.  At least now you are very interested in trying even if you can't say something.  This month you've learned to say "yes" and you try to say shoes by saying "shhhhhhzzz."  You try to say dog- "daaa" and Bee -- "Baaaaaa."  You will still sign "please, more, done, and help," pretty regularly.
- This month I have really noticed you enjoying putting things on your head.  You will get into the dress up box and put 2 or three crowns on at the same time along with a super hero mask (or two) on as headbands.  It's so funny!
- You also seem to have become a typical girl in a sense that you have been loving shoes this month.  You will try on Mommy's shoes or Daddy's shoes.  You will put on your little dress up heels and prance around, and you also have had a fascination with putting on Crocks that are too small or too big on you. It's pretty cute.
- You are wearing some 18 month things, but primarily 24 month & 2t just because you are so tall.
- Your shoe size is about a 6 to a 6 & 1/2.  Your feet aren't wide, but close.  They aren't so wide as they are tall if that makes sense.  Like your feet don't go out as much as they go up. ??  Hard to explain, but hard to find closed toe shoes that make you happy.
- You are still loving playing with your babies and any ball.
- You will give closed mouth kisses and lean in to give them instead of someone leaning to you.
- You pretty much want to do anything that your sister does.  You love her so much, and yet it seems like she can make you the most mad too.
- This last month was Halloween and it was fun to see some of your own personal "likes" coming out.  We put all the candy in one large bowl and I will let you and your sister pick a piece every now and then.  It never fails that you will always pick the plain m&ms or a sucker.  It is really cute to see out of the big bowl that you go for the same two things every time.  Also when people let you pick the candy out of their bowl on Halloween you would pick one of those two things if they were there.  You would also grab a whole handful instead of taking one like we told you.  It was pretty cute, & everyone let you get away with it because you were the most precious little strawberry ever.
- You are pretty much taking one nap a day with your sister, but sometimes you'll sneak in a morning nap still.
- You will carry your bowl or plate to the sink when you are done eating.
- This month you have started "praying" with us.  You will now grab our hands at dinner and then when we are not at the table & we pray you will fold your little hands together and close your eyes and put your hands up to your eyes/forehead.  It is the sweetest thing knowing that you are learning to talk to our Lord.

My sweet little baby girl, words can't express how much I love you.  It seems like every day you are getting bigger and bigger.  I have loved watching your little personality develop.  I love your sweet little soft side that loves on babies and snuggles with me.  I love your active side that will run and chase balls.  You are just a little piece of heaven right here on earth and I am so incredibly grateful for you.  I love you.

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