Saturday, November 23, 2013

Library Time

Something I've been wanting to blog about for awhile now is the library time that the girls and I share together.  Typically about once a week or once every two weeks the girl and I will load up and head up to the library for some music and movement time or for some story time.

The girls are so cute.  They really love being at the library and they especially love when we come home with a big stack of books and we sit down to read them all.

Here is one morning about to leave:

When we get there the girls like to play on the computer or do puzzles:

Then we typically get to go back into one of the main rooms for the story time or music and movement.  This would be where I show you a really cute picture of the girls listening or dancing around.  Unfortunately the girls were both attached to me that day in class and I couldn't  get a picture of them.

After the class we will typically fill our bag with lots of good books to read at home:

Overall we have an amazing time on our library days and I so enjoy our time together with just us girls!

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