Friday, November 22, 2013

Kennedie is 3 & 1/2 Years Old

I can't believe that this beautiful little girl is 3 & a 1/2 years old today!  It's so weird that tomorrow she will be closer to being a four year old.  I'm so not ready for her to be this big.  Where or where did my itty-bitty newborn Kennedie go?  Although it's super sad to watch my little baby grow into a little girl it's also really fun to watch her grow and develop into her own little self.

My sweet little girl:

- One of the biggest things that has happened in your little life over the last six months is that you have started preschool.  You go to school two days a week and you love it.  Every morning when you wake up you will ask if you get to go to school today.  So sweet. (Your fist school pictures are below-- just the proofs, because we didn't buy them.)
- You've also started making friends without Daddy & Mommy.  It's been so cool to listen to you talk about your friends that you've made at school without playdates or Mommy or Daddy "setting" the friendship up.  Your best friend that you talk about every day from school is Molly.
- You still love to sit and read books.  You love to go to the library and as soon as we get home you will want to sit and read them all.  You still love to read your Fancy Nancy books.
- You are barely fitting into 3T clothes.... most are still pretty big on you, but 2T stuff is too small.
- You are wearing size 7&1/2 to 8 shoes.
- At Halloween it was so fun this year to watch you with confidence walk up and say "trick or treat," and then "thank you."  You also want to try a different piece of candy every time you get to pick a piece from the candy bowl.  You are trying to discover what you "like" and what you don't.  I love that.
- Your baby dolls are still your most played with toys.  You LOVE your babies.  All of them.
- Speaking of babies you actually understand more this time around that Mommy has a baby in her belly.  I have no doubt that you are going to be the best big sister ever.
- You have become such a good helper.  You will help fold clothes, clean up your toys, do dishes.  It's cute how you have become able to help.
- You have become aware about money.  You understand that you have to have money to get/buy things.  You understand you have to have a job to get money.
- You have really become so hot or cold with Sawyer.  A true sister.  You either want to play with her and love her so much, or you want nothing to do with her and get so annoyed by her.  Mostly you two play great together.
- You have started to understand distances-- that some places are further and take longer to get to than others.
- You have started to try to color in the lines.
- You have started to "learn" your letters.  You understand what they are, and that they make up words to read, but you still can't really pick them out.  Maybe the letter "A."  You like to practice them at night when we brush your teeth and use a dry erase marker on the mirror.
- You still love playing outside.  You still love to swing at the park and ride your tricycle.
- I think I can say with confidence that you are finally potty trained (daytime)!!!!  Yeah!  This process took so long and was by far the hardest part of parenting thus far for me.  You will now tell us when you have to "tee- tee" or "poop" and go all by herself.  You also sleep with panties on during your naps.  Night time you still wear a diaper.  You really want to wear panties to bed, but we are waiting on 7 dry night in a row.  You have had 3 or 4 at most.
- You are very distracted while you eat.  Your teacher has said that you tend to be the last one finishing eating and everyone has to wait on you.  You will just sit and talk or try to get up and down from the table while we eat.  Food is definitely not a priority for you.
- You still memorize your Bible verses very easily.  I've lost track of how many you have memorized, but you have also started to forget some of the earlier ones you've learned.
- You can retell some Bible stories now all on your own and it's very cute.
- When you say the prayer after you say "Amen," you immediately lean in for a hug of approval because you are so proud of yourself.  It's so sweet.
- You definitely have an opinion about how she wants to wear her hair.  Clothes I can pretty much still tell you what to wear, but you want to decide how your hair is done.
- You love to go to Bee & Cowboy's house.  When you know you are going to go you will talk about it for days.
- You understand that you go to the doctor when you are sick or when you need to get a shot.
- You ask "why?" many times a day.
- You still love going to Chick-fil-a and going to the store and getting a free cookie.
- You love to go to Bible class still and you have started going to Kid Zone during worship some. (The Joseph Bible story is one of your favorite-- you can retell about his mean brothers.)
- You still take about a 2 hour nap each day.
- Purple is by far still your favorite color.
- You love pizza!
- If you want something or think you "need" something you will talk about going to the thrift store to get it. (Ha!  This makes me laugh so hard, because you would think that it was the only place we ever shopped!)
- When you play you will get down one of your bags and "pack."  You will tell me all the time that you are going to "camp" or to your "parent's house" or to your "grandparent's house," but mostly you "pack" up lots of toys & blankets for "camp."  It's pretty cute.
- Every week when I take my weekly belly growth picture you stand and want to have your picture taken too. So funny!  You will tease and say that there is a baby in your belly too.

My precious little Kennedie Danyelle, I love you so much.  I can't believe that it has been three and a half years since you changed our lives forever.  You are the little girl that made me a Mommy and I'm so grateful every day to call you mine.  You are one of the sweetest and most fun girls I have ever met.  You are so compassionate and loving and gentle.  You have such a big heart and you care so much for others.  You are more precious than words could ever describe.  I love you so much and I pray that you continue to grow in the Lord and learn about HIS great love for you.  I love you to the moon and back sweet girl. 

School picture.  I promise your hair looked cuter in person-- it had a braid off to the side and a side ponytail.  You love side pony tails. 

School picture.  I promise your hair looked cuter in person-- it had a braid off to the side and a side ponytail.  You love side pony tails. 

Dressed for school

Belly shot.

Another belly shot picture.

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  1. She is gorgeous! Can't believe she's 3 1/2--it seems so, so old! Hope you are feeling okay with baby #3!