Saturday, November 23, 2013

Halloween 2013

Yes, I realize that it's almost December and I am just now posting about Halloween.  That's the way I roll.... especially when I've been super busy editing some pictures for lots of amazing people.

Anyways... back to Halloween.  This year we started the craze a little early by going to a pumpkin patch.  Kennedie's class went on a field trip to one and so Sawyer and I tagged along for the fun.  I'm not going to lie it was a little stressful with both the girls and no Daddy there to help.  I just kept thinking, "What am I going to do when we add a third one into the mix?"

Anyways, back to the pumpkin patch.  We feed goats and cows, we went on a hay ride, the girls went through a hay bale maze, they picked pumpkins, and we had a picnic lunch.  All in all we survived and had a little fun while we were at it.

First off they tried to take a preschool picture.  That didn't go over to great with Kennedie.  I have no idea why she was crying, but she was. Take note of the following picture:

But she warmed up eventually and took some with sister later on.  She's pretty cute:

Here are some from the rest of the day:
Feeding goats



Picking pumpkins

Kennedie also got to go trick or treating with her class around the different classrooms at the church building.  I didn't get any pictures of that.  But, Kennedie and I did make some class treats-- some pumpkin poop.  It was pretty cute thanks to Pinterest.  I thought I got a picture, but unfortunately I guess I didn't.  

We had a super fun time this year at the Fall Fest at our church.  The girls both really loved it, and I'm not going to lie- I had a great time being Mommy and watching them have so much fun.  It was super funny to watch the girls get a piece of candy after the games.  We would tell the girls to pick one piece after playing a game, and Kennedie would listen so politely, and Sawyer would grab a huge handful.  We kept trying to explain to her, but she didn't get it at all.  Everyone of course laughed and let her get away with it because she was such a cutie.  She won't always be able to get away with it, so why not now?

 Kennedie decided that she wanted to be Tinker Bell this year.  I looked on Etsy for a cute little costume but couldn't find one that wasn't over $50 and that was completely not in the budget.  But, I also didn't want her wearing a cheap plastic one.  I finally decided I'd check Walmart for a cheap plastic one since I couldn't find one affordable enough, but those were like $30-$45 too. What?! No way!  So I went to the thrift store here in town and found a fairy costume for $2.99 and bought some wings at the Dollar Tree for $1 and her costume cost us all of $4, and you know what?  She was so happy about it!  Love it!  (Of course we had to add some pink pants and white shirt under because it was a little chilly.)  And we did a little Sing- Song eyelashes and threw the hair up in a "bun" and she was set!  Sawyer was the cutest little strawberry.  If she'd been in a patch I would have picked her because she was definitely the sweetest thing ever!  (We got her costume for free from some friends.)  Here are a few pictures from the night.  


Food & family picture

This was a cute little "trunk or treat" stop.  A 50's station set up with picture spots & legit root beer floats.
Our 11th grade group did a trunk station.  Thanks to Pinterest our "mouth" turned out great:

And then here is a sweet little picture of Sawyer with some of her friends at church.  All these sweet little ones were born within weeks of each other:

On Halloween day Kennedie was so excited to go Trick-or-Treating this year.  We started the festivities off by going up to Bee's work to do some trick-or-treating in her office at the court house.  I thought there'd be just a few little offices with candy, but the girls really loaded up!  Every cubicle in every office had candy.  We only went through my mom's tiny section and the girls got tons of stuff.  I didn't get any pictures of that part though. (The capri-sun was a big hit from that stop.)

We then headed to each of the great-grandparent's houses for pictures and treats, and then to my parent's house.  We ended our evening trick-or-treating down our street & block.  To say the girls had fun would be an understatement.  It was a great night! 

Overall it was a great holiday with lots of fun memories!  I feel so grateful for my sweet family and the joy that they bring me every day.  

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