Monday, November 25, 2013


So we took the girls to their first circus last week.  We had two free kids tickets so we decided we'd give it a go!  It was nothing fancy, just a little traveling circus.  I thought that the girls may loose interest pretty quick {especially Sawyer} since it was two hours long, but they did great!  Sawyer was clapping after every act.  It was too cute!  Of course their favorite part of the show were the elephants.  Here are a few pictures:

With Daddy about to go in


With Mommy.... of course something went wrong with K right as we take the picture.

We were there a little early to get out seats. 

Family picture

Exploring before the show.... I just really loved how they were holding cute. 

Little girls after the show in front of the circus sign 

All in all it was fun.  We made some memories!

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