Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sawyer is 20 Months Old

Oh how I love this little girl so much!  It's so weird to step back and think that she has only been apart of our lives for 20 months.  How has she not always been with us?  And at the same time, how is she not my itty-bitty newborn?  It's crazy how the time just flies by! Sweet girl actually turned 20 months yesterday, but Mommy had the stomach bug and so I was a little occupied by sickness yesterday to write.  :)

My sassy Sawyer Sue,

- This month you have started to show more and more interest in talking.  You have recently added the words: "Na" (no), "baa-baa" (baby) along with your old words of "mama" (Mommy), "dada" (Daddy), "shzzzz" (shoes), "bow" (bow), and "ba" (ball).  You will sign please, more, done, and help.  "Help" is  seems to be what you sign/say most.
- I feel like this month has been a month of falling.  You have learned how to run, or almost run.  But you have also fallen a lot this month.  You have quickly taken on the nickname of "Train-wreck" because you are like a constant train wreck falling all over the place.
- You got your first black eye this month.  We are not sure how, but it was definitely there and looked terrible.  You fell out of your stroller at the State Fair (first time for that too) and we are not sure if that is how the black eye appeared, or if it was a mosquito bite.  Mosquitos unfortunately LOVE you.  If we are out for 5 minutes without bug spray you seem to always get bitten.  You then swell up the next day and turn black and blue.  (Then it's hard for us to get you not to pick at them and now you already have some scars... boo!)  There was a small place on the bottom of your eye that looked like it could have been a bite... so we are not exactly sure if your black eye was from a bug or a fall.  ?? See pictures below.... they are so sad looking because you actually had the right eye that was all poofy from the bottom and the left eye pooffy from the top. So sad.  It really looked terrible.
- You traveled to New Mexico for the first time this month.  Daddy spoke at a retreat in Ruidoso, NM and us gals traveled with him.
-Your eyes have gotten darker... shades of green and brown in them.  It will be interesting to see what color they officially will be.
- You are wearing some 18 month things and some 24 month and some 2T.  Pants definitely 2T or 24 month since you are so tall.  Shoes you are already in a size 6!  Whoa! (Kennedie barely grew out of size 6's in April at almost 3!)
- You still eat almost anything.
- You will hold your baby and "bounce" up and down and say "shhhhhh, shhhhhh..." It's too sweet!  You will be such a good big sister in April.
- I love your fun silly smile face!  When you smile "big" you close your eyes and squint!  It is the most precious thing ever! (See picture below.)
-This month it seems you've gotten really good at giving hugs.  There is nothing better than when you spread your arms wide and I duck into them and then you squeeze as tight as possible.  Priceless.

My sweet, sweet girl..... oh how I wish I could put into words the amount of love that there is in my heart for you.  Every day I thank God for letting me be your mother.  You are truly a gift from the Lord and I enjoy every day with you.  My prayer is that you will grow up to not only know the Lord, but serve him with your whole heart.  I pray that you would fall passionately in love with our Savior and know that He will always be there for you.  I pray that I can be a good Mommy and teach you all about God's love.  I pray that His love for your will overflow out of my life onto you. I love you so much Sawyer Sue.  You are so special to me. 

Her poor "black eye." Doesn't it look awful?
LOVE this face!  Her "cheesy" smile... aka closing of the eyes! 

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