Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby 3 Update

I am 12 weeks pregnant today.  Yeah!  Yesterday we went to the doctor for our 12 week check up.  The doctor said that everything is looking great with our sweet little "gummy bear."  It was such a blessing to be able to hear that sweet heartbeat. It is something that will never get "old" to me.  It is the most beautiful sound in the world.... just taking that minute to listen to the precious "whoosh,whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" is absolutely amazing.  It's a great reminder of our almighty heavenly Father who is Creator God.  Thank you Lord for the blessing of this wonderful third child.

In other news people ask all the time if I'm sick.  No.  I was pretty sick at first, but my doctor prescribed a zero risk medicine for me called Diclegis and it has been AWESOME!  Since taking that I've only had one day of feeling yucky and I think it was because my body was trying to fight off the stomach bug that my girls had (and I luckily didn't get).  I would highly recommend it to anyone who may be pregnant and feeling sick.  A.MAZ.ING.

I've gained 6 pounds so far.  Not sure if that is baby or all my extra eatings due to cravings.  :)

Here is the baby bump growth over the last few weeks:


  1. You look incredible!! So excited for baby #3--and I agree--that "woosh woosh wooosh" sound is the best sound in the world!

  2. You are such a beauty!! A beautiful mom, a beautiful wife, a beautiful sister-in-law, a beautiful sister, a beautiful aunt....You are just a beauty! :)