Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Week of "S"

This week has been loaded with all kinds of things that start with the letter "S."

Sunday we drove to Abilene for ACU's Summit and were there through Wednesday.  I'm not going to lie, when I was a student at ACU I didn't particularly love Summit, or then known as Lectureship.  However, now I LOVE it!  It's kinda like camp for adults.  They have some great classes & speakers and you want to know what-- it's all free!  {They even have childcare that is free!}  It really is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Christians and grow in your faith.  As an added bonus, Lantz won the giveaway for a free ipad this year!

Stomach Bug
Yes.... it hit.  It was horrible.  Poor Sawyer was the first victim.  About 15 minutes after leaving Abilene, she started throwing up.  Oh, it was bad.... our whole van smelled like vomit.  Agh.  The 3 & 1/2 hour trip home turned into a 6 hour trip.  I think she threw up 6 times on the way home, each time resulting in us pulling over to clean her and everything else up.  Bless her heart.  Her last round was at 10:00 right after we got home.  Luckily she slept peacefully through the night and woke up feeling much better.  Early Friday morning about 3:30am Kennedie woke up vomiting.  Lantz and I were up with her through a couple of rounds and then he was so sweet and made a pallet beside Kennedie's bed and stayed beside her the rest of the night.  She only had one more round at 6am.  Luckily the rest of the day she felt better.  I'm thankful it didn't hit Kennedie as hard as it hit Sawyer.  I'm also thankful that Lantz and I have not gotten sick yet.  I pray that we won't.

Thursdau morning I headed to the doctor (by myself which wasn't fun-- it was my first sono by myself, but Lantz needed to stay back with Sawyer and K had preschool) for another sonogram.  Since the first sonogram the baby was measuring 7 weeks instead of 8 the doctor wanted to see me back just to make sure that the baby looked healthy and was growing good.  I was blessed to see a little wiggle worm on the screen!  It was so cute to see my little gummy-bear shaped baby just wiggling away!  Doctor Robert assured me that everything looked great & that the heartbeat was strong.  She was very impressed that the baby decided to do so much wiggling for us so early on.  Be still my heart.  It was amazing. Here is our little bear at 9 weeks and 1 day:

Steel Magnolias
Thursday night we went to McKinney North High School's performance of Steel Magnolias to see one of our awesome youth group kids perform as Turvy.  Ryann did a great job & we had lots of fun watching all of her hard work and dedication pay off with a great performance!

Sister's Sleepover
Last night Kennedie asked if Sawyer could sleep with her.  It was so sweet.  I laid both the girls in Kennedie's bed and they got so excited to lay down together.  I figure it's the first of many sister sleepovers.  I wish I could tell you that they did great, but after about an hour of giggling Sawyer finally got fussy.  She was so tired and was having a hard time falling asleep in K's bed, so I had to put her back in her crib.  I figure we've got loads of sleepovers headed our way, but last night was special because it was our {semi} first one.

I've got a pot of soup on the crockpot right now for dinner in honor of the cooler weather this week!  I'm so grateful for such a nice day today-- it was actually a tad chilly this morning which felt great!

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