Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Too Big....

This little girl is getting way too big for this momma.  Seriously.  Yesterday I enrolled her in preschool. Yes...... preschool.  She will be going two days a week to a preschool at our church (luckily Daddy will be right down the hall).

I'm not sure I'm ready for this.  Part of me wants to leave her home with me another year.  I still flip/flop back and forth.  I don't feel like I've committed my mind to the idea yet.  I think it will be really good for her though.  She LOVES Bible class and the social interaction that it brings.  She loves to learn new things.  She loves the idea of teachers and friends.  I'm thinking that it's a no-brainer that she is ready for a few days away from the house.  (It will also give Sawyer and me a little one on one time that we've never had before.)

I think she is ready, but I know I'm not.

What are your thoughts on Preschool??


  1. Jessica - you have to let her do this. She needs it for her social development with other kids so it isn't such a huge culture shock when she enters kindergarten. I know I can't speak to how you are feeling because I am away from AE 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, but I strongly feel that Preschool is a must. From all I have read about K, I think she will do great and she is ready! Plus, you had a great point about it giving Sawyer some time with Momma by herself. How special that time will be too! So clearly I am Pro-Preschoo! Go for it!

  2. As a former public school teacher, and the person they used to call to fill in for 6 weeks-to-a-whole-semester every time a teacher at HP preschool had a baby (now NTCA), I think it is very safe to say that at least one year of pre-K is undeniably awesome.
    Picture going from being with Mommy all day every day, to being away from Mommy 5 days a week at Kinder. I think the 2-day per week preschool is totally the way to go, so that Kinder is a small adjustment, not a huge one.
    I've taught (PE) with Kinder-age kids, and it's pretty heartbreaking to see the ones who've never been away from Mommy. Some of them go through months of crying every day at school until they get used to it.
    But 9a-2p, twice a week? No biggie! That's just like an extended play date. It makes kindergarten a lot less scary.

  3. I feel your pain Jessica! I actually enrolled Sadie in pre-school this fall & she is only 20 months old :( But I strongly feel like kids need to be around other adults to learn discipline, responsibility, etc. besides from their parents and I want her to have the social interaction. I enjoy staying home with her, but I will be thankful to have my 2 half days to myself, for a few months anyway. After that, I am really excited to spend some quality time with my newborn once she is here! But if you need to vent, reach out - because we will be starting this at the same time & I'm sure it will be hard for both of us!

  4. Remi is starting in September as well. His will be 3 days a week! I feel the same way!

  5. You'll miss her. Growing pains are always bittersweet.