Thursday, August 22, 2013

New York Day 3

I know, I know... I'm kinda slacking on this whole blogging thing.  I'm trying.  I'm just proud I'm documenting-- even if it's late & sporadic!

DAY THREE (4th of July)

We woke up early & headed out to breakfast at Norma's.  This was an amazing restaurant that was recommended to us by some good friends.  It's located inside the Le Parker Meridien Hotel.  It was definitely more than we typically spend on breakfast (but isn't everything in NY?), but it was worth it!  The taste was outta this world & the portions were HUGE!  Lantz & I split and we were plenty full! We got the crunchy French toast covered in warm caramel sauce!  Here is Lantz's plate, mine looked the same...

After breakfast we headed over to Starbucks to grab a coffee.  We took some pictures by a LOVE statue & fountain... you know just being touristy....

We then rented bicycles to ride around Central Park for a few hours.  Yes... hours.  I didn't realize how HUGE Central Park really is.  That was probably one of the biggest shockers for me.... it's like 840 acres or something crazy like that!  We rented bikes for 4 hours & had a blast!  We just rode around & enjoyed checking out the scenery.  (Small world- we actually ran into someone biking also that Lantz went to LCU with.  Her & her husband were on vacation too.  What are the odds?)

Huge lake/pond?? in the middle of the park

While we were riding our bikes we stopped at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art).  We walked through the museum for a little while & check out some cool stuff.  We especially liked the Egyptian section:

We returned out bikes and then went to FAO Schwarz and the Apple store.

We then hopped on the Uptown tour and then caught the Bronx tour and saw Yankee Stadium & Harlem.

We then headed back to the Times Square location for dinner.  We ended up eating at Tony's DiNapoli.  We were a little skeptical because it seemed touristy, but it was delicious!  It was family style, so we had plenty to eat!  We had chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella & prosciutto and topped with basil, sauce, mushrooms & zucchini & it all came with some bread!

We then went back to our hotel to change into some July 4th attire & then headed to the Top of the Rock.  We got up to the top and got great standing spots for the fireworks.  We were front and center for an amazing show!  It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Granted we got up there at 6:50 and the show didn't start until 9:30... but it really was worth it!  We got up at the perfect time.  We were front row and within 15-20 minutes people started stacking behind us and beside us.

After the fireworks we decided we would definitely get some dessert again.  We ended up at Shake Shack again since it was pretty close to our hotel & we had a great first experience.  Lantz got Jelly's Last Donut custard{what I ordered 2 days previous}, and I got a peanut butter & chocolate milkshake.  And let me tell you- that thing was RICH!  I got a small and couldn't finish it off because it was too rich for me.  It was good, but rich!

All in all we had an amazing third day of our vacation!

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