Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sawyer is 17 Months Old

I can't believe another month has already passed by!  Where does the time go?  Yesterday my sweet second daughter turned 17 months old, and oh my how we love her to pieces!

Sawyer Sue:

- Your small little outbursts of tantrums have continued this month.  The main cause of those is typically your sister taking something away from you, or Mommy or Daddy sitting you down for a minute.  You have really wanted Mommy & Daddy to hold you the past few weeks.
- You have really started playing with baby dolls this month.  I'm not sure if you are mimicking your sisters behaviors, or if you truly are developing your own little "mommy"self.  Either way it is so cute... especially when you hold them and rock them & sing "nigh, nigh" to them.
- Speaking of talking...  you still don't do much of that.  I feel like you will come out of your shell any day now and start communicating more with us.  You will shake your head appropriately.  If we ask you a question you will shake up and down for yes and side to side for no.  So you completely understand us, but you just haven't started talking much.  You do say "nigh, nigh" now for "night, night," and you can say "uh-oh" now which is really cute.  You have also learned the sign for "milk" now.  You like to point and say "uh" to let us know what you want.
- You stayed away from Mommy and Daddy for 4 nights while we went to New York.
- You have started playing on the play equipment at the park and Chick-fil-a instead of just sitting and watching.  You think you are such a big girl when you crawl up all by yourself.  So cute!
- You still love playing with balls!
- You still have 12 teeth, but I think you may be trying to get some new ones-- I've noticed your hand in your mouth several times over the past week.
- You are such a little Daddy's girl.  You get so excited when Daddy comes home or when he picks you up and gives you attention.  Too precious.
- You are still sleeping great at night, but lately we've been skipping your morning nap and you've just been sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon.  You tend to catch some cat naps in the car while we are running around in the mornings.
- Today we put in a new big girl carseat.  Your infant seat was just too small for you now.  You think you are big stuff now in a carseat like your big sisters.
- You give a really cute little face when you want to smile, but you are trying so hard not to.... your stubborn side coming out.
-I love when you get so excited that you smile full teeth and squint your eyes.... TO.DIE.FOR.  I love it!
-You have started wanting to look at books more this month.  They hold your attention a little longer than before.
-You have really started to get the hang of coloring and you really enjoy it.  You also like to write on the sidewalk with chalk.... maybe a future artist?

My precious little angel, you are such a sweet little girl.  You are so loving and gentle.  You have an opinion about what you are playing with and what you are eating, and it's been so fun watching your little personality develop more and more.  I love holding you and cuddling with you.  I love those rare moments when you still fall fast asleep on me.  I love your sweet smile and your fun, spunky little personality.  I love how independent you are and yet how you'll still let me love on you.  I love that you are my daughter and I am your mother.  You will forever be my sweet little angel.  I love you more than words could ever express.  

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