Friday, July 12, 2013

Dallas Arboretum

So about a month ago I got to meet up with some sweet friends at the Dallas Arboretum.  They are actually wives of my husband's friends from LCU.  They are a sweet group and I'm blessed to call them my own friends.  Anyways, it was fun to get together with them & bring all the kids to let them play together.  It was a nice day--not too hot yet.

Of course Kennedie & Eli stuck close together at first since they were "better acquainted."

It was so cute how they held hands down the slide and wanted to ride together in the wagon (with their sunglasses on).  Precious.

They had a little petting zoo, and when I say little, I mean little.  It was so dinky and there were about a million kids trying to pet the animals.  It was a little bit of a mad house, but Kennedie of course wanted to check it out.  Here she is with a sheep and goat and then brushing the sheep:

Then we all found a picnic spot and dug in:
Stole this picture from Natalie's blog-- that's why she's not in it. I forgot to take one of everyone. 

My cuties!

Cute little Zoe-- Daniel & Natalie's youngest

Kason (Daniel & Natalie's oldest) & Sawyer... She appears to be checking him out

All the kiddos exploring!
Here is our best attempt at a group shot:
The gang....minus a few. :) Pretty good looking group!

All in all it was a blessed day & I'm grateful to have been able to enjoy the time with my sweet friends!

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