Thursday, June 27, 2013

Swim Lessons Update....

So, last week Kennedie had her swim lessons.  I last posted about how she screamed the entire lesson.  I thought that it would help if I went in the water the next day {I hate being that parent, but I was this go around}.

Day 2.
 I told Kennedie that if she didn't cry I would stay in the water with her but she had to listen to Ms. Sandy.  We had also gotten goggles the day before and she was really excited about using these, so I thought they would be great incentive.... not so much.  She did ok.... and by that I mean she didn't cry as much and didn't make much, if any, progress.  (Lantz manned the camera this day {and Sawyer} and so there were no pictures.)

Day 3.
Lantz got in the water with her to see if he could help the process along.  Kennedie was okay with Daddy at first and even smiled with Ms. Sandy in the beginning, but then it went downhill and she started crying.  Once she started crying I'm pretty sure she didn't stop.  Kennedie was pretty upset, and I was a little sad that this was going so horribly.  She still cried most of the time and barely listened, but it was an inchworm of progress.  A few pictures from day three:

Day 4.
I started talking to Kennedie very early in the morning about her swimming with just Ms. Sandy that day.  I told her that Mommy would sit and watch but that she was going to have to swim by herself.  I let her pick a snack from the pantry and told her that she could have it after swim lessons if she swam by herself and listened to Ms. Sandy.  Kennedie and I showed up early to watch the lesson before us like normal & this time Kennedie seemed a bit less tense.  {Daddy & Sawyer were home with the dreaded stomach bug and so it was just the two of us.}  It started off pretty rocky with lots of tears and whining, but about halfway through the lesson she stopped crying and started to listen.  Then she started to swim/play beside another little girl her age and then she was having fun.... YES, you read that right-- fun!  I was so excited to see her actually listening and smiling!  It was so neat! Here are a few pictures from day four:

Day 5.
Well, I'd love to tell you all about it, but unfortunately Lantz & Sawyer passed on that stomach bug and so I wasn't there.  Lantz said she did great!  She talked about swimming all day long & she couldn't wait to go.  Lantz said she even walked in the water all by herself.  (This is HUGE because every other day we had pry her off of us to give her to Ms. Sandy.)  He said she smiled and laughed the whole time and had a great time.  Yeah!  I'm so excited that she ended with such a great experience!  Even though she didn't leave knowing how to swim (like I truly hoped), I'm just glad that in the end she had fun.  I think if we keep working with her on the things Ms. Sandy taught her she should be swimming on her own soon! Here are some pictures that Lantz took on day five:

All in all I'm glad that we exposed Kennedie to this swim lesson!  I'll hopefully be able to update by the end of summer to say she is swimming on her own!

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