Monday, June 17, 2013

Sawyer is 16 Months Old

{LOVE the above picture.  Pretty much sums up how we roll.  This was when I went to take Kennedie's 3 year pictures.... obviously I had no regard to what Sawyer looked like since she was not the subject of this photo shoot.... but isn't she just adorable bare-belly anyways?}

Sure can't believe how fast time is going.  Seems like she barely turned one, but I guess not. (16 Months was actually 2 days ago... I'm running a little late on this.)

Little Sister Sue:

- You have got the walking thing down.  It is definitely your main means of transportation. You are wanting so badly to run, but your little feet just won't move that fast yet.
- This month I would say that I've seen your "strong willed" or "stubborn" side come out more so than ever.  If you put your mind to something you will see it through or cry trying.
- Along with the above statement.... you are SOOOOO strong.  Sometimes you will be so upset about something that it's so hard to calm you down.  Sometimes I try to change your diaper in the middle of one of these rages, and it's practically impossible.  Your little legs are SO strong.  They will kick and wiggle and totally prevent me from doing anything with you.
- Along with that..... tantrums would be an understatement. Period.
- The coolest thing I've noticed over the last months is how much you love balls.  You've always liked them, but the last month you have taken to balls so much!  Especially since you are walking now, you love to kick the soccer ball.  You will walk from room to room just kicking it.  You love any & all balls.  Even the ACU Kadesh counselors that watched you at childcare commented on how happy you got when you played with balls.  So cute!  Maybe you'll be my little athlete one day!
- You still do not like it when anyone takes anything away from you... especially food.  You love your snack-trap & all the little goodies we put in it, but watch out if we try to take it from you. Sometimes it's like World War III trying to get it from you.  The other day we were at Chick-fil-a and you were finishing your sister's ice-cream cone, but you were not eating fast enough so it was melting and making a huge mess.  I eventually had to take it from you, and whoa.... so not a good idea.  You had such a melt down.  I put you on the playground to distract you.  It eventually worked, but it took a little while.
- I think you still have 12 teeth.
- Your eyes are still blue, but lately it seems not as bright.
- You still have your loose curls.
- You typically sleep from 8:45pm to 8:00 am.  You will sometimes take an hour nap in the morning, and normally a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  If you wake from your nap you have a hard time going back down and typically wake up your sister.
- You are a much pickier eater than your sister.  You don't really like fruit.... except bananas.  It seems as most meals there is always something on your plate that you don't like.  Boo. :(
- Your Bible class teachers talk about how much you enjoy class & how much you participate.  So fun!
- You still play so well by yourself.  You are pretty independent.
- You are not talking or communicating much at all.  Still just saying "mama" and "dada" and only signing: "more", "done", "please" and "bye-bye."
- You can point to your nose, eyes ears, and toes.
- You have been giving the funniest little faces to people lately.  So dramatic.  You make a little pouty face and kinda give a stare down.  They seem so fake, but they are adorable.

Sweet little one, you bring so much joy to my life.  Even when you voice your opinion and throw yourself to the ground my heart is still wild for you.  I love you more than I can even express.  I love watching your little personality develop.  My most favorite thing is still your little open mouth kisses.  This month I've noticed that you have tried to keep your lips together sometimes for kisses, but for the most part they are still little open mouth ones.  I know I don't have much time left to receive these, so right now I'm just trying to soak every single one of them up.  I'm crazy about you Sawyer Sue. May you grow to know not only my great love for you, but also our Father's great love for you.  

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