Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Oh- Hi the Dairy-O"

So I hate that my blog has become so sporadic.  Really.  I've wanted this to be a place to write stuff down as to not forget all the little every day things.  Unfortunately I feel like it's turned into a place where I just hit the highlights of life.  So in an attempt to capture more every day moments, here goes nothing.....

Lately Kennedie will sing random songs.  Sawyer has a wooden farm set toy that has a farmer in it along with different animals.  One day I sang "The farmer in the Dell" to her while we were playing.  Kennedie quickly picked up the tune to this song and she will sometimes randomly sing it.  I love that she can't quit get all the words perfect yet.  The last line of the song is "Hi-ho the dairy oh, the farmer in the dell."  She sings "OH-hi the dairy-O."  So sweet.  Sometimes it's the little things.

Oh, and from the above picture you should note that she LOVES playing with her baby dolls.  She is such a good little "Mommy."  The picture is of her & her "stroller baby" as she calls her.

Also, this morning we sang "It is well with my Soul, " and she was singing with all her might {even though she did not know the words}.  Loved that sweet Momma moment as I held her.  It was just the two of us.  Sawyer was in the nursery and Lantz was with some teens.  So sweet.

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