Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goggles & Generosity

LOVE this girl so much.  I'm so grateful that she continues to teach me about God's love over and over.

So Kennedie had a gift card to Kohls- not much like $6.  We were walking up and down the toy isle trying to decide what to get.  I kept showing her lots of different things and she was torn. She finally saw a pair of goggles & decided that is what she wanted {side note: hoping this will be some good incentive for tonight's swim lessons}.  The problem is that they were only like $2.50.  So Lantz & I quickly started telling her all the other things that she might be able to get with the leftover few dollars on the gift card.  She quickly says, "No, Sawyer needs a pair of goggles too."  So we asked her if she wanted to get another toy with her "money" or if she wanted to get goggles for Sawyer.  She went on to say that she wanted to get Sawyer some goggles.  She picked her sister out a pair and said, "Here you go Sawyer, now you will have some goggles too."

Melt my heart.

I sure did get tears in my eyes.

Lantz went on to explain what generosity means and how nice it was for her to share and buy something for Sawyer too.

At check out I bent down and told her what a nice girl she was and how sweet it was for her to buy something for her sister.  Kennedie then proceeded to throw her arms around Sawyer, give her a kiss, and say, "You're welcome Sawyer."

{At home I wanted to take a picture of both of them with their new goggles, but Sawyer didn't want anything to do with hers... ooops!  Oh well, maybe she'll like them more once she is in the water.}

Thank you dear God for using my sweet 3 year old to teach me about generosity.  May my hands and heart be open and willing to share more with others. 

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