Monday, April 15, 2013

Sawyer is 14 Months Old

I feel like each month just keeps going by quicker and quicker!  I can't believe how big my "baby" is getting!

Sawyer Sue:

- You are getting around all over the place, but still not walking.  You are a very speedy little crawler & can keep up with the best of them, but you just haven't decided that you need to walk yet.  You have taken one step, but that's as far as you've gone on your own.  You pull up on anything, and furniture walk, but you are very much not interested in walking on your own yet.  You balance standing just fine without holding onto anything, and I know you're going to walk any day now, but it's going to be on your timing.  You do love to push your little walking toy all around the house though.  :)
- I think you only have 5 teeth right now. (That's bad, but I'm not too sure... you don't exactly like me peeking around in your mouth.
- You have been going down so easily at bed time as long as you are snuggled up with your little elephant toy/mini-blanket. It's so sweet.... as soon as I lay your little elephant on my shoulder you plop yourself down on it to lay down.  It's like you know, elephant = sleep.
- Sometimes you wake from your naps early or from night time early and you have a hard time going back to sleep.  I've had to let you cry it out several times, but lately you've been much better.
- You are no longer breastfeeding.  You weaned a few weeks ago & are now drinking organic whole milk.  You transitioned so smoothly and didn't even seem to notice.
- You still only say "ma-ma" or "da-da".  Pretty cute!
- You are wearing 12 month clothing.
- You know the sign for "more," "done," and "please."
- Your curls continue to get looser and looser, and your eyes haven't seemed as blue lately--not sure if they are going to change colors or not.
- You are into everything!  You love to pull stuff out of the kitchen cabinets & bathroom cabinets & pantry-- even when we tell you no! :)
- Your sister seems to be getting to you lately.  It appears the "sibling fights" have already started.  She just seems to know how to push your buttons.

Sweet little Sawyer, I love you so much.  You are such a happy little girl and a joy to be around.  You mean so much to me and I'm so grateful every day that I get to be your momma.  I love when you laugh or when you give me big open mouth kisses.  I will forever treasure the way that you look at me with your big smile on your face.  You truly do light up a room!  I love  you baby girl. 

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  1. Lucy was the same way. She didn't walk until 16 months! That was just her little personality coming out - everything in her own time.