Monday, March 4, 2013

Sawyer Turns ONE!

So a few weeks ago we had Sawyer's first birthday party!  It was so much fun and we were grateful for all of our family and friends that were able to make it.  Here are a few pictures (there are more on my facebook page if you want to see more):

Beautiful front & back invitation designed by my friend Natalie.   

Front door.
Room placement.
Table decor.

High chair

Cake Time.



Check out that beautiful cake & cupcakes!
Beautiful ombre rose cake made by my friend Andrea. 
Home-made peanut butter cookies with chocolate hearts.  This was my great-grandmothers cookie jar.

Heart garland, knotted fabric bunting.

Green chile and potato chowder with toppings & french bread.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart" sugar cookies.

Family picture.  Poor Kennedie woke up with a crick in her neck and wanted nothing to do with partying. Please ignore her not looking. 

How it came to be:
I knew I wanted to have a "heart" party since her birthday is the day after Valentine's Day, but I wanted to steer clear of it looking to Valentine's-ish.  I knew I had to use our huge farmhouse table that Lantz made and so since it's a dark brown I immediately decided that brown would be one of her party colors.  I thought I might use brown, white, and pops of red, but the more I toyed with the idea the more I decided that the red was starting to look cliche with the hearts and kinda cheapy.  So... I finally decided on just doing shades of brown,creams, and whites.  I knew brown could be dark and rather masculine, so I tried to "girly" it up with plenty of lace and hearts.

One of our best friends Natalie designed her birthday invitation.  She did such an amazing job creating a beautiful invitation to help set the mood of her party.  She is INSANELY talented!  I was amazed at how she took my ideas and totally created this beautiful design.  If you have ANY design needs you should totally contact her or visit her Etsy shop.  You can get to her Etsy shop by clicking HERE.

One of my sister's wedding colors was brown, and so that opened up many borrowing possibilities from my mom.  :) I also wanted a slight vintage flair!

Valentine's Day was still in full swing so that allowed me to easily get my hands on white heart doilies and some heart chocolates-- plus lots of Pinterest DIY crafts (just altered the color from reds to browns).

I wanted it to have this "handmade" feel.  Hence the embroidery hoops with little messages, buttons, wooden spools of thread, rickrack, loose knotted fabric bunting, quilt fabric in middle of table, "home-made" cookie jar, and book page heart garland.

As a part time photographer I knew I wanted pictures to be displayed around.

I collaborated with my good friend Andrea to help me decorate the heart sugar cookies.  She also made her smash cake and cupcakes.  I knew I wanted a brown "ombre" cake with roses.  To go with the cake I asked her to also make roses with the icing on the cupcakes.  I just LOVE how it all turned out!  Not only did it all look BEAUTIFUL, it went with the party perfect, and tasted great! She is one talented lady-- contact me if you want her information.

I knew I wanted to serve a meal.  At Kennedie's party I ended up doing lots of "snacky" things, but for Sawyer's I knew I wanted to have one main "meal" with sweets.  I wanted to do soup since it was February and would most likely be could, and I figured it would be easy to keep warm in my crockpot.  I decided on a favorite potato soup recipe that our family has enjoyed.  This was perfect because it's actually better as a day old soup because all the flavors meld together better.  So, I made it all on Friday and just had to warm it up on Saturday.

I found Sawyer's outfit online for super cheap.  Since petti-rompers are more popular in summer- this outfit was a steal.  :)

I was able to borrow some of the brown tissue poms from a friend who had some leftover from one of her parties! Score!

There you have it!  The first year party done & now to start thinking about the second year! ;)


  1. This is so unique and amazing and I love it! You are talented and I love reading about how you are so thrifty with it all.

  2. I'm so behind on commenting! :) But such a beautiful job on the party! Every detail was perfect!!! Great job, momma!