Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We have been hit hard this season with illness.  I can honestly say that I'm not sure our household has ever seen the likes of this much common cold/flu sickness.  The girls pretty much yo-yoed back and forth being sick from like Thanksgiving through the new year.  Lantz got hit with a pretty bad cold somewhere in the middle & I dodged out almost unscathed.
We finally all got well, and then bam!  It all came back, but worse.  Kennedie has been hit the least so far.  She had a low grade fever two weeks and has been plagued with a runny nose and random cough.  Sawyer had it pretty bad two weeks ago.... she got the flu.  Probably our fault.  We waited on the flu shot until she was all better from the Thanksgiving to New Year cold {Kennedie got it in November when she was perfectly well}.  We finally took her in for the shot 3 weeks ago when she was completely healthy.... pretty sure she contracted the flu when we took her into the doctors office {with a bunch of flu-sick kids} to get the shot.  So yup.... she has been battled it like a champ for a week.  Side note..... all that cost us $111 for the doctor visit to tell us she has the flue & $54 for the Tama-flu medicine... YIKES!  Are you kidding me?  $165!!!  (Probably way too much information, but that is SO much money!)
Anyways... so two weekends ago was Winterfest for our teens.  (Winterfest is a huge youth rally weekend with like 3,000 teens- awesome worship and speakers.)  I was supposed to go with Lantz... which I was so looking forward too.  I love me some teenagers & spiritual growth!  The girls were supposed to stay with my parents, but with Sawyer getting so bad I needed to stay back with her.  {Insert sad face.} Lantz got a bit down health wise on Saturday, but seemed to recover on Sunday with plenty of rest.  Poor Sawyer..... Friday night was just A.W.F.U.L. for her.... aka, super rough night for Momma too! We survived Saturday (super huge thanks to Baba for coming over for a few hours to help on Saturday since she had already had the flu).  One of those weekends that I could break my arm trying to pat myself on the back.... didn't loose my patience and was calm even through me waking up to my dog pooping all.over.the place.... yep---- it got that bad.  Luckily Lantz was back on Sunday and we thought we were on the road to recovery.
Enter last Monday morning.... I wake up feeling like a bus hit me.  Lantz was a rock star all last week.... taking care of the girls {and his sick, needy wife}, grocery shopping, and dinner.  I rested, medicated, and "pinned" my life away (sorry if you follow me on Pinterest... I probably took up all your board space).
I thought I was getting better at the end of the day Monday, but I ended up just feeling worse by the time last Thursday rolled around.  I eventually went to the doctor to discover I had the flu & that my body then contracted a second infection.  I ended up having sinusitis and pharengitus (basically a sinus infection and a throat infection).  I am still trying to get over all of it.  I seem to be getting better every day, but I'm having a difficult time "kicking" this last little bit.

I'm ready to feel 100% & get back into the full swing of things...... because I've got a party to plan :) ... but more on that later!

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