Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sawyer is 11 Months Old

WOW! I can't believe that this girl is one month away from being ONE!  Where has the time gone?  Lantz and I can hardly believe that this time last year we were anxiously awaiting her sweet arrival.  It seems like yesterday, but at the same time it seems like Sawyer has been apart of our lives forever... we just can't imagine life without our little cuddle bug.  This past month has been full of accomplishments!

Little Ray of Sunshine:

- You started officially crawling this month!  There is nowhere that is off limits for you.  We will sit you down and within a flash you crawl right to where you want to me.  You sneak yourself right into the action-- no being left behind for you!  What is really funny is that you will push up on your hands and stand your legs up like a "bear crawl" position.... like you want to push yourself up to walk.  It seems as if you so desperately want to skip this whole crawling thing and start walking.
- You also started pulling up on things this month.  You just think you are something special when you pull yourself up to see something.... you'll look around to make sure that we've noticed!
- Speaking of pulling up, we finally had to lower your bed because you realized that you could pull up in there too!
- We had one day where you cried for a good 30- 40 minutes because you did not want to nap.  You eventually fell asleep and we haven't had a problem since then.
- One of the best things in the whole world happened this month... you started giving kisses! Big open mouth kisses!  They are the highlight of my day!
- You've been waving this whole month.  You have the hang of it, but I'm not sure you exactly understand the meaning.
- You have started shaking your head back and forth.  You think it is hilarious to shake your head from side to side!  You just start laughing and you quickly get the rest of us in on the action.  Precious!
- You still have 8 teeth... no new ones this month!
- You are definitely in full-fledged separation anxiety mode.  You want Momma & Daddy!  You cried in Bible class this last week after I left.
- You still breastfeed 4 times a day and eat solids 3 times a day.  You only want to eat what we are eating.
- You take two naps a day.  One in the morning that is 1 & 1/2 hours to 2 hours and one in the afternoon that is 2-3 hours.
- You still have your blue eyes, but your curls are getting looser as your hair grows out.
- You are wearing 12 month clothing.  Some 6-9 month tops fit you still (pants are typically too short).

My darling little girl, I can't believe that you are almost one year old.  I am trying to soak up every single minute of you being my baby for as long as possible.  You are such a sweet baby and I love that you will still let me hold you and cuddle with you sometimes.  You are so well-tempered and your smile is absolutely contagious! I love it when you laugh so hard-- it just warms my soul so much!  You are my sweet, sweet girl and I'm so thankful that God has allowed me to be your Mommy.  I love you more than I could ever express in words Sawyer, and I always will. 

Here's a close up of my little beauty:

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