Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas 2012

I will finish uploading & blogging about Christmas 2012 today.  I was going to be done sooner... of course... but the whole sickness/ party planning thing took over.  Anyways, here we go.....
Sunday before Christmas- after worship.

We decided to have Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.  Heather & Ellis were going to spend Christmas day with his family, so we just did the festivities a day early.  Here are some pictures from presents at my parents:

Cinderella.... a HUGE hit!

My mom made these super cute wreaths for us!

She was super exciting about her new "running shoes."

After the morning festivities & after saying bye to Aunt Feather & Uncle Alice we had to continue our family tradition of decorating sugar cookies.  This year Cowboy & Bee got to join in on the fun! 

After cookie decorating we went to Ooh-Daddy & Baba's house for some hot chocolate... & guess who made a special appearance?  Santa dropped by!

We then had to head home to get our cookies out for Santa:

And then Santa brought gifts..... 

Check out this incredible gift that Santa and his elves made for the girls:

I know... I know... Santa is pretty awesome! 

Here's what it looked like under the tree:

Did you see those cute little matching outfits that Santa brought too?  Mint skinny jeans have to be the most adorable thing on little people!

Here is a picture testing the kitchen out on Christmas morning:

Christmas morning was also a treat because the sweet Scott family from church brought over warm homemade cinnamon rolls.... yes, you read that right.  Ah... the sweet bliss in my mouth was awesome! We then got dressed for the day & headed back to Baba's house for breakfast and a few presents.  Here are a few pictures:

Finally on Christmas day we headed over to Momma Jean & Poppa's house for the last round of "Christmas" with my family.  It was a special day because it ended up being a white Christmas!  How fun to end the day with a blanket of snow!  We quickly braved the cold for just a few minutes to grab one picture (the girls had been sick & I didn't want them to get worse).  It was sad that they didn't get to play in in, but we were lucky with another snow in January that they played in.

A few days after Christmas, we got to continue on the festivities.  Lantz's family joined us at our house & we did Christmas with his sister's family & mom.  Here are a few pictures from our present fun:

We had a really fun time with everyone... and the girls especially enjoyed thrifting!  Brenda, Kristal, & I went to the local thrift store and had a blast & we all walked away with some pretty awesome finds!

Then over the weekend after Christmas we had our final celebration at Lantz's dad's house.  We had a super fun time!  Here are a few pictures:

And there you have it.... our 2012 Christmas!  Whew... finally.  If you stuck with me, then bravo to you!  Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you & yours! 

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