Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Who's the fairest of them all???

No... just kidding. I just wanted to document today.  I held Sawyer up to the mirror and she actually SAW herself today.  She didn't look past herself or through herself or around herself... she looked at herself and smiled. She figured it out.... she's beautiful!!  She is beautifully and wonderfully made and today I got to experience one of those priceless moments that only motherhood can bestow... your baby's discovery of themselves.

Thank you dear Lord for creating Sawyer and for allowing me the joy of watching her discover herself today.  Thank you for the gift of being a Mommy.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kennedie is TWO!

I can't believe that my itty-bitty Miss Kennedie is already 2 years old.... Really?  Where does the time go? I don't think that I mentally prepared myself as much as I should have for today.  I can't believe that my first baby girl is technically not really a baby at all any more.

Precious little Kennedie:

-You are like a little sponge!  It's crazy how much you absorb every day now.  Here are a few of the little things that have made us laugh lately:
     - Before bed time you like to ask us to do "one, two."  It's where we count to three and throw you on the bed, and then after we do that you look at us and in the sweetest voice say, "one tine" because you want us to throw you  one more time.  It's so adorable.... needless to say our arms are killing us before bed because how can we resist throwing you 800 times when you ask so cute?
     - A few months ago when you asked where Daddy was I told you he was working and then I proceeded to act silly and sing to you, "He works hard for the money, so hard for the money.  He works hard for the money so you better treat him right!"  You just laughed so hard.  So since then when you've asked where someone is at and they are working I will occasionally sing that song again.  Well, last week you asked where Cowboy was at and I told you that he was working... you then proceeded to  dance and sing, "haaa money, haaa money, haaa money!"  It was SO stinking cute!  You have done it a few times since then and we just eat it up because you are just so adorable!
    - Yesterday when you were looking at your book you licked your finger before turning the page.... someone is obviously watching Mommy closely.
    - Your favorite vegetable is bruselle sprouts (yes, my child LOVES brussle sprouts)-- its so cute, you call them "buss- uus"
    - I love that you know the difference between real hot, hot, warm, and cold.  You say, "hot", "reee hot", "waam", and "burrr."  ADORABLE.

- You are most certainly a Daddy's girl.  Anytime Mommy asks Daddy to hold Sawyer you then proceed to throw a fit for Daddy to hold you.  You have come to grips with the fact that Mommy has to hold Sawyer some, but you definitely don't want Daddy to hold her... only you.
- You still LOVE to be outside all the time.  You are the most content if you are outside. I love how you continually ask "ou-side?"
- I think you now have 15 teeth.  You recently got your pointy teeth.
-We took you to the doctor a few weeks ago for some allergies and you weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds.... you better be nice to your sister she will soon be bigger than you.... very soon at the rate you are both growing.
- You are wearing primarily 18 month clothing with a few 24 month and 2T outfits.  You wear a size 6 shoe.
- You are still taking 2 naps a day, but I think we need to transition you to one soon.  You sleep for about an hour in the morning before lunch and about an hour and a half to two and a half hours in the afternoon depending on how you feel that day.
- We still need to start the "official" potty training.  You are doing very good on our laid back version that we are doing right now.  You will potty at least 3 or 4 times a day on the potty if we take you, but you have yet to tell us when you need to go on your own.  You will pretty much potty anytime we ask if we give you jelly beans.... you love those "beans."  You pretty much refuse to poop on the potty though.  I'm thinking some big girl panties may be the trick to sealing the deal with the potty training.
- You seem to be listening more lately and getting in trouble less.  I think you've figured out that Sawyer is not going anywhere and you have to share the attention.

My sweet little Kennedie, I can't believe how fast you are growing up!  It seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital and now you are growing into a little girl.... not a baby anymore.  My prayer for you is that you'll stay innocent and pure... that you'll be kind to others and make everyone feel as special as you are... that you'll befriend the friendless and care for others... that you'll love Jesus so passionately... that you'll serve the only ONE and LIVING God who loves you.... that you will radiate light and bring others to know HIM... that you'll stay fun and know how to be silly, and that you won't care what others think about you because your confidence will flow from the Father.  Sweet girl you will always be my little Miss K no matter how big you get!  I love you so much Kennedie that it makes my heart hurt and my eyes overflow with tears.  Thank you Dear God for my sweet little Kennedie.  Happy Birthday precious girl!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Months

It's so hard to imagine life without Sweet little Sawyer!  In some ways I can't believe that she is already this old, and in others it's hard to imagine what life was like without her.  She has truly changed our world and we couldn't be any more thrilled.  Here is some info on our precious girl:

Sweet Sawyer Sue:

- You are such a little cuddle bug!!  You just love to be held all the time.... which is so different from your sister.  You will immediately fuss a little as soon as we sit you down- you just want to be in our arms... which is priceless.
- Speaking of not wanting to be set down... that has caused some problems this last month in your sleeping patterns.  You started sleeping through the night at 6 & 1/2 weeks old, but about 2 weeks ago you started waking early crying, although you weren't hungry.  You just wanted us to cuddle with you. So sweet, but Mommy & Daddy need their sleep just as much as you.  :)  The last 4 or 5 days it seems we have you back to a normal sleeping through the night routine- which we are all grateful for (including your sister who you kept waking up too!).
- You had to go to the doctor a few days ago for your first sick visit because you have had a really bad runny nose, some sneezing, and some little coughs.  Everything checked out okay, but it appears that you have a minor cold.  We have to keep an eye on it.
- While we were at the doctor they weighed you in at 13lbs and 8oz.  Still a growing girl!
- You are still in 0-3 month clothing and some 3-6 month clothing.  You are moving out of some of your 0-3 month things though and into a few more 3-6 month pieces.
- Even though you wear cloth diapers, we have a few disposable and you have already grown out of size one.
- You have discovered your sweet little hands this month!  You have started to play with them and just stare at them... so cute! You will also use them to knock some things dangling above you on your play mat.
- You are still eating great- 6 times a day every 3 hours or so.
- You have started to drool majorly the last few days.
- You are still a difficult little girl to burp.
- This month we stopped swaddling you at night (which is another reason why we think you stopped sleeping through the night).  You also started rolling around... so fun!
- You "coo" at us and smile at us so often now!  My favorite!
- You still have your pretty bright blue eyes and your soft little curls.

My sweet little Sawyer, oh how I love you!  Some days I wish I could sneak you away to a deserted island just to stare at you all day.  You are so fun to look at and hold.  I love when you grab my hands and stare at them... it makes me feel like you are trying to give me some loving back.  I love how strong you are and how you try so hard to be such a big girl by standing and holding your neck up... but it also makes me sad because I want to keep you tiny forever.... you are already growing so fast.  I am so grateful for you and I thank God daily for choosing me to be your mommy.  You are precious sweetheart and I love you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who Wore it Best???

No... not really.  That was the best title I could come up with... you know in the magazines they sometimes have famous stars who are in the same outfit & they call it, "Who Wore it Best?"  Well, just a joke- both my girls wore it best!

The fun thing about having another girl is that I'm able to recycle some of my favorite clothes that Kennedie wore to Sawyer.  Of course, Sawyer is flying through the clothes compared to Kennedie-- she's growing like a weed!  This dress was Kennedie's that my mom gave her.  I LOVE it. Probably one of my favorite pieces of Kennedie's.  Kennedie wore this dress at 3 months, and this is Sawyer sporting it at 2 & 1/2 months.

Here they both are in the same dress (although the color looks slightly different) roughly the same age (few weeks different):

Not to similar- but both beautiful!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picture Dump....

I wish I was better about blogging.  Really.  I enjoy documenting our life on here.... even if no one reads this, I like to have it all here for me.  It's fun to go back and read old posts and relive adventures or every day life.  (Am I the only one who does that?  ... Goes back and re-reads your own blog?)  Anywho.  To say that life has changed with the addition of a second baby would be an understatement.  Time in the day just seems to dwindle away too quick for me to find time to sit and write & upload pictures.  Hence today will be a day of just a wide array of every day pictures from the past few weeks.  I had hopes of sitting and writing about alot of these everyday things, but that's not going to happen.  I figure I'm doing good just to get them out there.  Oh... and since I'm so behind- you'll notice Sawyer's growth as the pictures go on.
So here it goes.... picture dump:

Orange Fuzzi-Bunz love

Kennedie was trying to swaddle her baby.. .she's such a good little mommy.

Using the potty like a big girl.  More on that mess later.


Love that they have a few matching outfits... so fun to dress them alike.

All smiles!

Ummm... and we did take some pictures in the bluebonnets too.  Better late than never on posting them.....

Best we could get of both the girls

Rocking horse that her great-grandfather Poppa made.  (My dad's dad.)

What was that?  Oh, you wanted to see some pictures from Easter... why yes Easter was a month ago, but here are a few pictures:

Family Easter picture 

First egg hunt was indoor due to the rain. Bummer- but it was still fun!

Cowboy held Sawyer while Kennedie hunted eggs

Okay... no more Easter... back to normal life:
A lady bug and a duck.  :)

Love this picture... no editing done.
All smiles.... :) LOVE it!

Silly girl... got into the wrapping stuff and came out with a "purse" and "hat."

She was teething a week or so ago & EVERYTHING went in her mouth again.

LOVE this outfit that some sweet friends of ours gave Kennedie.  

This was my outfit when I was a baby... doesn't she just look so sweet in it?  (And doesn't that headband rock?  A sweet lady friend at church made that for her... oh, & the one in the picture below!)

Kennedie's first time to ice skate.  Thanks lost and found for the coat we borrowed!

Sweet Courtney, one of our 9th graders, holding Sawyer for the first time.

Daddy & Sawyer reading before bed.


Kennedie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her "Nancy, Nancy" books!

Time out.  We've seen alot of this corner lately.

Two of my loves.

Umm.... she is OBSESSED with these heels of mine.  She gets them out of the closet all the time.  I did not ever teach her this- this was all on her own.  Gotta love that she's 100% girl!

Okay.... I have to stop.  I just realized that this post is a mile long & I still have pictures to share.  That just means that I'll have to make myself sit down & post more frequently.  At least we all know that I've only been slacking on blogging and not taking pictures.  Ha!  Thanks for sticking with me the whole way.