Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HUGE Giveaway....

Coming Soon!!!!

Seriously.  This is HUGE giveaway.



I'm so excited to host my very first giveaway coming soon.  You'll have to check back later this week or next for all the details.....  I will say it is valued at $500, and it's something everyone can use.

I can't wait!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sawyer's Birthing Story

Okay.... so... I'm finally getting around to introducing my new bundle of pure joy!  (Having 2 little ones doesn't allow for much personal time, so the blog has been put on the back burner.  Kennedie & Lantz are swimming with the cousins this morning while they are in Dallas, and so with it just being Sawyer & me I'm able to get a couple of blogs busted out this morning.)

Okay... so, back up 10 days ago (Whoa... she's already 10 days old?! Really?).  We went into the hospital at 5:00 am to be induced.  They didn't really start the whole process until close to 8:00 though.  Apparently they had a full house of women in Labor and Delivery and by the time they got to me & my paperwork was complete it was a little later than I expected.  So, they started my petocin and antibiotics around 8:00 am after I had changed into the fabulous hospital gown, got an iv, and they hooked up the machines to monitor Sawyer's heartbeat and my contractions.  At this point I felt no pain.

My doctor came in around 10:00 am to break my water.  I thought that I'd go into some pretty bad contractions because as soon as my water broke with Kennedie I quickly went into pain.  Not the case with Sawyer.  I didn't start having pain with my contractions until around 11 or 11:30.  I asked for my epidural at that point and they didn't get around to giving it to me until about 12:30ish.  Just like with Kennedie, my epidural did not go so great.  Apparently my spine does not like to cooperate with the whole epidural thing.  Just like with Kennedie they missed and went a little to the right with my epidural.  It hurt really bad (worse than any pain I've ever experienced) and then the anesthesiologist started pushing on it and moving it around and it HURT LIKE CRAZY.  Lantz said he had a really hard time watching this happen.  They pulled it out and tried again.  Luckily it worked that time, but the medicine wasn't strong enough so I was still feeling my contractions.  They eventually upped the meds and I went numb and felt great because I couldn't feel my contractions anymore.  The head nurse was in there with me when my epidural went in and I asked her if I was just a wimp or if it was bad... she replied saying, "That was pretty rough... probably the worst I've ever seen."  Awesome.  Well, at least I know that I'm not just a big wimp and that that was all really as bad as I thought it was.  But.... it did help me enjoy labor more because I wasn't in pain.

Anyways, I wasn't far along at that point... maybe a four if I remember correctly.  Well, by 3:30 I was dialated to an 8 and they were calling for my doctor.  She was supposed to deliver someone else first, but they called her to my room because I was going to have sweet Sawyer soon.  They got me all ready and I pushed about 8 or 9 times and then she was here!  (A little different from Kennedie... I pushed for almost 2 & 1/2 hours with her.)  My doctor then let me help pull her out, which was so cool!  She came straight to my chest and stayed there for about 45 minutes.  They did all the cleaning up and cord cutting and checks on her while she snuggled next to me.  It was awesome!

Sawyer officially arrived at 4:03pm on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.  She weighed in at 7lbs & 8.5oz and was 20. 5" long.  (Kennedie was 6lb 7oz and only 20" long, so Miss Sawyer was a bit bigger than her big sister.)   Some other comparisons between my two girls:  Sawyer has thicker and darker hair than Kennedie had.  Sawyer's eyelashes are not as long as her sisters were.  Kennedie had bigger ears, but Sawyer seems to have a bigger nose than her sister.  I believe that Sawyer has more of my skin tone (more olive) where as Kennedie is much more pale like her Daddy.  Sawyer has much longer fingers, feet, toes, and arms.... I think she will be one tall girl if I had to guess.

Lantz & I again were the only ones in the delivery room which was awesome.  I love that we will hold that special bond that no one else will.  One of the nurses took pictures for us, and she did a fantastic job.  We decided long ago that Kennedie would be the first person to get to meet Sawyer.  After they finished cleaning Sawyer up and I breast fed her, Lantz went to the hall to get Kennedie.  He brought her in to meet her baby sister, and the look on her face was absolutely priceless!  She was so excited!  It was the sweetest thing ever!  She wanted to sit by her and hold her and kiss her.  It was just adorable.  Sawyer brought Kennedie a present too, which she thought was pretty neat.

After we had some alone time as a family of four the rest of the family started piling in a few at a time to meet our new baby girl.  It was such a different experience than when we had Kennedie.  We were in Las Vegas and none of our family was there for the birth, and so it was just us enjoying her until the next day when a few friends stopped by.  But with Sawyer,  the flood gates opened of people coming to see her... it was such a blessing!

The first night in the hospital was a little rough.  We only got a few minutes of sleep here and there.  Sawyer wanted to cluster feed all night long which did not allow for much sleeping at all.  I must say that Sawyer latched on like a champ and she likes to eat.  She seems to feed longer than Kennedie did in the beginning.  We'll see if this pattern continues.... if so she may not be as petite as Kennedie.

The next day in the hospital we had lots of friends come by to visit and in between we tried to catch some cat naps.  We decided that we would go ahead and leave the hospital since the doctor gave us the choice.  Lantz's mom was in town and watching Kennedie for us, so she came up to the hospital to help us pack up and head home.  It was great because Kennedie got to be there with us as we all headed home as a family of four.  Sawyer wore the same outfit that Kennedie wore going home... it was neat to put it on her.

So.... here is the important part... PICTURES.  (I am not going to post everyone who came to see Sawyer- that would just be way to many pictures.  They are on my Facebook though if you'd like to see.)  Okay, here's a sampling:

21 Months

Three days ago Kennedie turned 21 months old.... CRAZY!  Everyone warned me that as soon as Sawyer arrived Kennedie would automatically grow up even more.... well, it's true.  I was trying to prepare myself as best as possible, but it amazes me how much she has grown up over the last few weeks.  I think that every stage that Kennedie has been through has been fun... there are lots of exciting things that happen with each new mile marker, but I can honestly say that I think the stage she is in right now is SO MUCH FUN!  Every day she says or does something that I am blown away by... either because it is so cute or I didn't know that she knew something that she actually did.  So... here's what's been going on with Miss K the last month:

My adorable Kennedie:

- The biggest thing that you've been through this month is getting a new baby sister.  You are the BEST big sister ever!  You give Sawyer sweet kisses, or you want to hold her, or you want her to sit by you, or you say, "baby?" when you are not sure where she is at, or you want to help burp her.... you are AWESOME!  You have started acting out a bit for attention since Sawyer has arrived, but I'm so grateful that you have not taken anything out on your sister.  You are just interested in testing the limits with your Daddy and me.  We are trying very hard to make sure you get lots of alone time and extra attention, but I know it's hard on you to share.  But, again, sweet Kennedie, I'm so proud of you- you are an incredible big sister and you have surpassed my expectations.
- You say the cutest things now.  You like to say, "hold you"  owhen you want us to hold you instead of saying "hold me."  You say, "hop you" in a very high pitched voice (instead of "help me") when you want us to help you do something.  You like to say, "wock" for "rock" (rocking chair).  The other day you put the word "silly" in context all on your own.... at church a few parents and teens were laughing in the parking lot and when we walked by you said, "silly."  We tell you that you are being silly all the time, but this was the first time that you called others silly and it was in the correct context.
- One of the coolest moments as a mom happened a few days ago for me.  I was sitting on our bed feeding Sawyer and I could hear you in your room.  (Your room is right beside our room.)  You were supposed to be laying down for a nap, but you were jibber-jabber singing... I couldn't really make out what you were singing, but then I heard you sing, "happy, happy, happy" and then really loudly, "Amen... Amen!"  Best ever!!!  You were singing "If you're happy and you know it say, 'Amen!'"  I LOVED it.  It seriously was such a priceless moment for me.
- You think it's funny when we "dit you" ("get you") and you run and hide.  You will run to a corner somewhere and lay down face down with your hiney up in the air and you think we can't see you.
- You have always been hesitant around Uncle Ellis (my sister's new husband), but when he and Aunt Feather came to visit you and Sawyer last week you could not get enough of your "Alice."  So cute!  You will still ask, "Alice, whe he it?"  Adorable......
- You are pretty much in 18 month clothing even though it's a tad big on you... we just can't put you in your 12 month to short of sleeves and pants any longer... you look homeless.  So, 18 month will have to do even though it is kind of to big still.  You are just a tiny girl!
-I love that you will look at the camera and smile now.  I like that you understand the concept even if you don't always cooperate.
- You are such a good helper.  You always want to help your Daddy or me do something.
- You took your first shower this month and you thought that was awesome!  Then you took a bath in the kitchen sink because you saw Sawyer taking one and then you thought that was awesome to take a bath in the sink.  So cute!
- You have seen Mommy pumping milk, and so you like to pump for milk too!  :)
- You are such a good eater.  I have to brag on you.  You really will eat mostly anything.  I love that you are not super picky and that for the most part you will eat whatever we are eating.  You especially love fruit.... any kind.... any time.   You like to eat apples like a big girl-- it's so cute to see you grab one when we are not looking and just bite into it like you know what you are doing.
- You are still doing great in your big girl bed!  So proud of what a great sleeper you are.... although I'm thinking it might be getting close to dropping one of your naps and going to one nap a day.  You were sleeping 2 full hours in the morning and afternoon, but now you are sleeping about an hour and a half at both times.... I'm not sure if that's because of your new sister's arrival though... we'll wait it out and see how things go over this next month.
- You seriously love to go to Bible class and see your friends.  I love that you love your friends so much!
- You are obsessed with sitting lately.  You will tell us to "sit" (which sometimes sounds like a word that isn't so nice) 40 different times a day.  You want everyone to sit where and when you tell them-- so funny!
- You like to "dance."  You love it when Daddy plugs his Iphone into the speakers and the two of you dance.  Just priceless.
- You like to take off Sawyer's bows, socks, hats, and blanket.... for some reason you are obsessed with these things being "offt."
- You say, "bik-kit" which could mean: "biscuit" (your favorite), "blanket," or "breakfast" depending on the context.... it all sounds the same.
- When you say your name it's so funny!  You call  yourself "diddledee."  You can't say "Kennedie," so when you try it just comes out so cute with "diddledee."
- You really love your baby dolls right now... all of them!  You constantly have at least one of them- sometimes all four of them.  You really like to make sure they are wrapped up in a blanket.  You are such a good little mommy.

Precious Kennedie, you mean so much to me.  You are such an incredible little girl.  I am amazed at how the Lord prepared our hearts to welcome Sawyer into our family... especially yours.  You are such an amazing big sister and it's so neat to watch you love on Sawyer.  It melts my heart when you give her kisses and hugs.  You are at such a fun age right now.  I feel like you understand everything that we tell you, and you are able to express so much now.  I love how smart you are and how you will tell us exactly what you are thinking.  Your little run is adorable and your high pitched voice is just so cute right now.   I am so grateful to be your Mommy.  I love you so much my sweet girl.  

Okay... picture overload:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big Day Today

Today was a very big day in our house.  Sweet Kennedie is 21 months old today and precious Sawyer is one week old.  I wish that I had time and energy to sit and tell you all about my amazing girls, but today is not the day for that.  I will hopefully have time to sit and post up pictures from Sawyer's birth and tell you all about her birthing story and show you some pictures from the last week.... and hopefully I'll have time to sit and blog up a storm about all the fun things that Kennedie has been up to.  But again- I am tired and off to bed, so it will have to be another day!  Just wanted to share how special our day was today!  We are blessed.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lindsay's Baby Shower

Lindsay Chance & I have been good friends since middle school when her family moved to McKinney.  Lindsay & I have seen alot together over the years... I could go on and on here, but for the sake of time I won't.  She is such a sweetheart & I consider her a blessing in my life.  I'm grateful that after having been in Las Vegas for 5 years the Lord brought me back "home" and back to my friendship with Lindsay.  She & her husband Clark are also AWESOME youth group sponsors for us-- the kids LOVE them & they have such a heart for youth ministry.

More than anything I'm so excited that we've been able to share pregnancy together, and that we'll both have little girls that will, Lord willing, get to grow up together like us.  My prayer is that my sweet Sawyer and her precious Hattie will be good friends-- and not just because their mommies were, but hopefully because they'll find friendship in the Lord.

So..... needless to say- I was super excited about getting to help host Lindsay's baby shower.  The girls that worked on her shower are amazing & super talented, and we had a fun time putting it all together.  I wanted to share some pictures with you, because I think it all turned out too cute not to:

Drink station

Homemade flower corsages for Lindsay, the future grandmothers,  and the future great grandmothers---  they also had places on the backs where you could put a clip, so Lindsay could keep them as hair bows for Hattie. 

Sign in table..... we used an old changing station table.

Food table

Sign in table.

Front porch to welcome guests

Incredible onesie cookies that Andrea made!

Close up of the yummy mini cupcakes that Andrea also made!

Lindsay & her hostesses (excuse my huge self.... I didn't realize that sweater made me look so massive.) There are 5 pregnant girls in this picture!