Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sawyer is 10 Months Old

I feel like this whole 10 month thing just snuck up on me.  Really?  I guess with the holidays and all time seems to be flying.  I just can't believe that it's already time to sit down and write all about her new accomplishments.  {Side note... I really need to start working on party plans.... just not ready to admit that it's time for that yet.}

Sawyer Sue:
- You are still SOOOOOOO, SOOOOOO, SOOOOOOO close to crawling.  I mean, you still army crawl and get around to where you want to go {slowly}.  But you still haven't quit mastered the skill yet.  You will get yourself up on your hands and knees and then rock back and forth.  A few times you have moved one of your hands or knees, but you quickly fall back down to your belly and pull with your arms & kick your feet.  At any second I know you are just going to take off.... probably right after I'm done writing about you not crawling.  (I'm 100% totally fine with you not crawling yet... kinda makes me feel like you are still my little baby.)
- On "pulling-up" news.... you still haven't gotten that down.  You pull yourself up to your knees, but can't get yourself up to your feet.  You try SO hard, but you just can't.  You do, however, smile so big when we look at you after you've pulled up to your knees... it's as if you are saying, "Look at me!"
- Today you waved for the first time.  I'm not sure it was completely official, but when you & I were leaving the room Daddy was waving at us & I started waving, & then you moved your hand up and down to wave.  So sweet.
- Teeth.  Oh my have you gotten some teeth.  You have your 4 front tops ones, and your two bottom middle ones, and just over the last few days your two bottom side ones have started popping right out.  So 8 teeth total now! Your top little teeth have a little gap in between them & it's just so adorable.  Speaking of teeth-- you have been grinding them lately, & it's driving your Daddy & me bonkers.  Yuck!
- You have been pretty sick the last week.  You are still not over it.  Runny nose, yucky cough, temperature early on.... bad cold.  We just feel so bad for you.  I feel like this has been one of your first major sicknesses.  Oh, well, and 2 weeks ago you had super high temperatures because you had Rosea.  So-- a pretty yucky month on the sickness frontier.
- You still have a little separation anxiety, but not too bad.
- You broke Jeffery, your giraffe Wubba-Nub, so you've been having to use Baloo, your sister's old bear Wubba-Nub. (You won't need it much longer though, because we'll hopefully ween you from it at 12 months like we did your sister.)
- You still breastfeed 4 times a day, & eat solids 2-3 times a day.  We've started adding in some table foods that we are eating-- just making sure they are a good consistency for you.
- You still have some poop issues a few times a week.  You have a "hard" time going.
- You take two naps a day.  An hour & a half to two hours in the morning and about 2- 2& 1/2 in the afternoon.  You've really become a great napper lately.
- Bedtime is about 9:15- 9:30 for you & you wake anywhere from 8-8:30.
- Still have those big blue eyes & brown loose curls... just gorgeous!
-You don't like being left in a room by yourself... even if just for 30 seconds.  You want to be right where the action is at.
- You LOVE your sister so much & just want to play with whatever she is playing with, or be wherever she is at.  {Words can't explain the absolute joy this brings me.}
- You are wearing 6-9 month clothes & 12 month clothes.  You are long, but not chunky.  So things may not fit in length as far as leg, but they may fit everywhere else.

My sweet, sweet, Sawyer... where do I begin.  My heart is so full of love for you.  You are like a tiny little ray of sunshine that just lights up my life every single day.  Your little smile is just so beautiful & contagious.  I love how excited you get over the littlest things.  I love how you still will cuddle with me every now and then.... it's like we have this special bond that no one else can ever understand.  I'm so blessed to be your Mommy.  My prayer is that you will grow to know, love, and serve the Lord.  HE has given me the most perfect gift of love through you.  I love you so much sweet baby girl.  

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