Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sick Girl....

Kennedie has been sick the last few days.  Bless her heart.  So this morning we decided to make a fortress with our blankets to cuddle and play in & watch movies in.  I'm hoping she'll feel better later today or tomorrow morning.  She hasn't really been sick a lot (huge blessing), but it's been a little rough on Lantz & me.  She is not really pleasant, to say the least, (but really, who is pleasant when they are sick?).

Anywho- Sawyer has been enjoying the fortress too, and we are all just hoping that Kennedie doesn't share this yucky-ness with the rest of us.

Here's hoping for a better afternoon & evening than morning!


  1. They look so sweet all cuddled up!!!

  2. Ugh-so sorry she's been sick! Lofton has been sick with the bug, too, and they are so helpless at this age! Praying she gets better soon!