Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kennedie is 2 & 1/2 Years Old

I can't believe that my sweet Miss K is closer to being 3 than she is 2.  Really?  On Thanksgiving Kennedie "turned" 2 & 1/2.  I feel like she is growing up so much and so fast.

My fun girl:

- You basically understand anything and everything that we tell you.  It's fun to communicate with you.  It's so precious that you can carry on conversations with us.
- You weigh 25lbs with your clothes & boots on.... still a tiny little girl. You wear 24 month & 2T clothing although it's all pretty baggy on you, and a size 6 shoe.  Pants are a whole other story... even 18month pants will fall off your waist.  We've gotten you some leggings & "tight" pants so that they'll fit you, but we still have to roll them under or safety pin them and the legs are no where near tight on you-- totally loose.
- You are so cute when we tell you that we are going to go do something that you really want to do. Your face will light up and you'll kinda clap and say with bright eyes, "Oh, dat'll be fun!... Yeah!" I love this so much....To. die. for.
- When you get in trouble you will try to avoid the subject by saying, "We go shopping in a little bit?"  You just repeat it over and over.  It's kinda frustrating and annoying... and yet all the while insanely adorable.  I think that's why it is annoying-- because you are getting in trouble and we are trying not to smile at your cuteness!
-Girlfriend, you LOVE going to the park!  Seriously.... all we have to do to make you happy is take you to the park... along with that you like Chick-fil-a because they have a "park."  You will point out Chick-fil-a while we are driving past, and you'll even ask to go there... not so fun that you know what it is and it's not even one of our favorite places to eat.  Why can't Chipotle have a "park"?  You especially love to "go higher" which means "swinging" in your vocabulary.
- Every now and then when you are really tired we will still catch you rubbing your ear.  This warms my heart for some reason... it's like a little piece of my "baby" Kennedie is still around.
- You LOVE Curious George!
- You still pretty much anything, but you've developed an opinion.  You'll go in moods where you say you don't like something, but then you'll eat it and be fine.  You don't like butter on your bread, or peanut butter from the jar.  You'll eat pb & normal butter if it's in something, but not direct.  You really like fruit snacks right now.... they make for great bribery.
- You are almost potty trained.  You wear diapers at night and during naps in case of an accident, but you pretty much wake up dry most of the time- 8 times out of 10.  Out in public you wear pull-ups, and at home you wear panties around the house.  You are starting to tell us when you have to potty, so that's been awesome!  Today you even told Daddy that you needed to "poop."
- You are down to one afternoon nap-- about 2 hours- sometimes a little shorter and sometimes a little longer depending on how tired you are.
- You are such a good big sister.  You love to make Sawyer laugh and you always want to know "Where's Sawjer?"
- You know that Mommy's name is "Jessa Howad," Daddy's name is "Laance Howad, " Sawyer's name is "Sawjer Sue Howad," and that your name is "Tiddle-dee Danell Howad."  You know the city you live in and where your Aunt Feather & Uncle Alice live.
- You can count to 11 (sometimes 12).  You can sing your "ABC's" even though it gets a little strung together.
- You have 4 Bible verses memorized: "God is with you wherever you go." - Josh 1:9  "Nothing can separate us from God's love." Romans 8: 39   "We have the Lord our God to help us and fight our battles for us." 2 Chronicles 32:8  "Two people are better than one.  They can help each other in everything they do." Ecclesiastes 4:9.
- Your favorite song to sing is "10,000 Reasons" which you call "bless the Lord oh my soul."  You'll tell us to "sing whit me."
- You understand the concept of hide & go & seek and you love playing.
- Lately you have been a little whiny and seem to be testing the waters again as far as discipline goes.  I think we are definitely in the 2's.
- When you get sick you just cry and whine..... ALL. DAY. LONG.  No cuddly, sleepy sick baby-- no.  A crying baby.  Yuck.  Needless to say no one wants you to get sick.
- When we ask you how much we love you, you'll say, "big, big... to da moon."  Love it.

Adorable little Kennedie, I can't put into words the amount of love that I have for you.  My heart swells with so much emotion when I think of you.  You are my precious first baby and you'll always be my girl.  I love how adventurous you are and how nice you are.  I love that you like to dance silly and sing loud.  I love that you have already started to develop a passion for God's word and that you so easily can understand God's truth.  I love to listen to your sweet voice offer prayers to God.  I love to watch you interact with your sister.  I love to hear you laugh and see your face light up.  You are a wonderful little girl and I'm so blessed to call you my own.  I love you so much...... big, big.... to the moon and back again! 

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