Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween this year!  Sawyer dressed up as a cute little dragonfly (big sister's old costume!).  Kennedie was little red riding hood.  My mom made her adorable little red cape and her white apron.  The red dress was my mom's dress when she was a little girl-- her grandmother made it for her.  So the dress was made by Kennedie's great, great grandmother- pretty cool huh?  We borrowed the little woodlands basket from Momma Jean & then just added some red & white material to lay in it.  Wha-la!  Cost us all of a big $4.  Gotta love that! 

A few weeks ago we actually did a Halloween craft with the girls.  We got the idea from Pinterest & it was fun!  Kennedie was so funny!  She is such a clean little girl and really didn't like the idea of the paint on her feet.  We had a good time though!
Candy Corn feet!
The finished product!

We enjoyed our church's fall festival on Sunday night.  Kennedie especially loved the bounce house and cotton candy!  Here are some pictures from our evening:
In a daze-- ready to start all the festivities..... but you can see her full costume.

Hattie & Sawyer- the cutest bugs on the block.  (Hattie is my good friend Lindsay Chance's baby girl.)

She was trying to get into all the goodies!  Next year Sawyer!

The bounce house--- Kennedie's bff for the night!  She LOVED this thing.

Still bouncing.... we had to "jump" like 4 times that evening.... she barely wanted the candy- just the jumping.
On Halloween we trick-or-treated at Cowboy & Bee's house, Baba & Ooh-Daddy's house, and Momma Jean & Poppa's house.  We then went to Chipotle for $2 "Boo-ritos."  I was a hippy complete with a headband, tie dyed shirt, peace necklace, bell-bottoms, & guitar.  Lantz carried a picture frame & called himself a "self-portrait."  We went to church and ate & had a small devo, and then headed back to our neighborhood for some trick-or-treating.  Kennedie LOVED trick-or-treating!  She thought it was so fun to "knock-knock" and say "trick-or-treat."  She would knock and then sit her basket down on the doorstep.  She wouldn't hold it for the candy, she'd sit it down-- too funny!  Sawyer rode along in the wagon & just watched.  It was such a blessed family night for us!

With Cowboy & Bee

Family Picture

With Baba & Ooh-Daddy

With Poppa & Momma Jean

I hope that your Halloween was as blessed as ours!  

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