Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kennedie lately...

I love this girl so much!!!  Kennedie has been so much fun lately!  Every day I find myself cracking up at her at some point during the day because she is just SO cute!  Here is a little bit about our little love lately:

- Potty training.... we are getting there.  She wears panties around the house (with a few accidents here and there) and pull-ups out in public.  A few weeks ago we started setting a timer to pretend like it was a game & every time it went off she had to go sit on the potty.  We started with 20 minutes, & she really liked that.  The past few days we've just let her run naked and go put herself on the potty when she needs to go.  This has really been awesome!  She loves the independence of sitting herself on the potty, wiping (or lack of... let's not go there), and washing her hands.  She has really been a ROCKSTAR!  Yesterday she even walked herself right on in the bathroom and sat on the potty and pooped!!!  All on her own!!!  People- this is HUGE!  We are so proud!  We definitely still need the pull-ups for out in public because sometimes she still doesn't let us know when she needs to go.  I wish I could say I read a great book or had a great method that accomplished all this in a day- but I don't.  We are just going with the flow on this one.  We are getting there though.
- This girl LOVES her some Curious George.  I try not to let her watch too much TV during the day, but I try to let her watch a little of "George" as she calls it.  She has just been super into it lately... I'm feeling a 3rd birthday party theme coming along if this continues.
- She loves to put on "yips," which would include anything dealing with "lips"- chapstick, lipgloss, lipstick.... all of it.  She is a girlie girl.  I have to watch out because if she gets her hands on it, she wants to put it on over and over.
- She's starting to get the hang of jumping.  I wouldn't say she's mastered the trade yet, but she is getting there.  I know... she's two and she's just now jumping.... homegirl isn't the most athletic thing.  That's okay!
- It's SOOOOOO cute when something is poking her or bothering her, she'll tell us that, "some-some's owie."  Her "something" comes out "some-some's"... SO stinking cute!
- When Kennedie gets frustrated at something she says, "Oh my goodness!"  And she'll just say it over and over like 10 times.  It's pretty adorable!
- Kennedie has been napping close to 2 hours lately!  This is great because for awhile (I think with Sawyer being new and not wanting to miss anything) she was only sleeping for a little over one hour.
- She has 2 Bible verses memorized from her Bible class: "God is with you wherever you go" Josh. 1:9- which she then will tell us where God is with her-- "when you go night-night, when go shoppin, when you go to ACU(love it!), when you go swimmin, when you go part (park)".  And most recently she memorized, "Nothing can separate us from God's love" Romans 8:39.  Knowing she is learning to remember scripture just warms my heart & makes me so excited!  We practice every day & we go over her Bible lesson that she learned at church on Sunday each day too so that I can reinforce what she is learning.

Anywho.... just wanted to document a few of my favorite things with one of my favorite girls!


  1. I really don't think she could get any cuter. That face kills me... SO adorable!

  2. She is so precious! I love that she is a girlie girl :)