Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I feel like I don't share as many pictures of Kennedie lately.... there is a reason for that though.  She is at the phase where she doesn't even want to look my direction when I'm holding my camera.  I can't even be discreet with it.  I try to catch her just playing and it's like she has a 6th sense that I've gotten it out and she immediately buries her face in the floor.  It's okay though-  I'm slowly learning the art of bribery and we're getting more and more shots. :)  

Anywho.... my little 2 year old is so much fun.  She is now 2 & 1/4 years old.  It's amazing what a few months will do.  She is such a little talker, & I love that we can have conversations.  Her favorite thing to ask is "What aww you doing?" (Almost annoyingly), she asks this ALL.DAY.LONG.  Even when she knows what I'm doing.  It's cute {most of the time}.  She also likes to ask where someone is at, like, "Where's Daddy?", "Where's Sawger?", "Where's Mommy?" Where's Bee?"  ... even when she knows the answer.  She also likes to tell us that she'll be "wight back" (right back) in "two minutes."  Adorable.  She can also count to 11 and has started trying to sing her ABC's.  

Sweet girl can't get the potty training thing down though.  I'm partly convinced it's my fault though- I just haven't 100% committed to the process.  She wears her panties around the house, and diapers out in public and to bed.  She still messes in her diapers and doesnt' let us know when she has to go.  Even when she is in her panties she doesn't really tell us... sometimes she will, but for the most part I just have to remember to go stick her on the potty or watch for her "potty cues."  We'll get there... eventually.

Last week she moved to the big 2 year old Bible class at church.  I was so happy for her because she seemed to LOVE it, but I was also a little sad to see her out of the "baby" class.  It was also sad because Kennedie & Sawyer were in cradle roll together for the last 6 months and it was hard for me to watch them go in separate classes (but I think it's good for both of them).  I got Kennedie really excited about her new big girl Bible class, but she kept asking if Sawyer was going to go to the new Bible class.  I had to explain that Sawyer was staying in the baby class.  I was worried that she wouldn't do well with the change, but she was a rock star!  She loved getting to learn about the Israelites in the dessert and how they got manna from heaven daily.  We've been going through her Bible lesson every day and also trying to say her Bible verse from class-- she has been loving it.

Kennedie's sleeping has changed a bit.   I've been letting her sleep in to about 8:30am instead of 8:00.  She has only been taking one nap lately and it's only about an hour & a half long.  Because of the lack of napping we've upped bath and bedtime some.  We used to start giving the girls baths at 8:45 and now we've started about 8:15.... which puts them in bed a little earlier.  

Kennedie is a great eater.  She pretty much eats anything except cheese.  She's funny about cheese.  She does not like cheese slices or cheese sticks or cheese cubes.  She sometimes wants shredded cheese, and she sometimes doesn't.  But she'll eat melted cheese-- like on pizza or a grilled cheese.  ??  Funny- the girl will eat salad and brussel sprouts, but she won't eat cheese... go figure.  

Kennedie has started to play with Sawyer... and torment her too.  I think they are slowly becoming "sisters" and not just roommates.  I LOVE it.  Last night Kennedie was making Sawyer laugh so hard - and the two of them just sat and giggled at each other for the longest time.  It was precious.  It's moments like that that I'm so grateful our girls are so close in age.... it far outweighs the stress that it sometimes causes.  

I just needed to take a minute and document my sweet little girl!  Kennedie is such a good girl.  She's so much fun and she is definitely high energy.  I'm grateful every day for her and who she is growing to be.  

Thank you Father for my sweet Kennedie.  Help me to truly soak up every minute with her.  She is so wonderful and I'm so grateful for her Lord.  

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