Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lantz is a Stud.

Point of fact.... my husband is a stud.  Really.  So we've been admiring some beautiful farmhouse tables for a few years, and thought that one day we might save to buy one..... the nicer ones can run anywhere from $3,000 and up, so obviously it'd have to be something we save for.

Well, then a few months ago I ran across some DIY farmhouse table stuff and showed it to Lantz and jokingly told him he could just make me one (not really thinking he'd take me up on it).  Well, low and behold Lantz breaks down and gets a Pinterest (not sure he wants me divulging that information) and starts pinning lots of DIY farmhouse table stuff.

He decided that he could totally build me a table and so we sold our old table to pay for the lumber for my new farmhouse table.  He borrowed some tools from some friends and got to work.  It has been a exciting few weeks in my house to say the least!  Lantz has been working around the clock on this table.... getting up at 6:00am and working on it before work, working on it when he gets off in the afternoon, working on it after we put the girls to bed until 11:00pm some nights, and also working on it on his days off.  It's been so cool to watch it all come together.... and might I add that it's super sexy to see my handyman take a pile of wood and amazingly turn it into a gorgeous table!  I've got such an incredible husband!  Now for some pictures:


And now the finished product... it is about 8ft long & 4ft wide and it has two extensions- one for each side that makes it about 10ft long.  The bench is about 6ft long and 1&1/2ft wide.  It weighs over 200lbs.  He even took two extra days and did some distressing on it.  It is beautiful!

You can see the attachment... it just slides right on into the table.  
The sad news is that I might not get to keep it.... but the good news is is that he will make me another one.  He had such a great time with this one that he started looking up other DIY things to make in the future.  Well, we will probably need to get him his own tools, so we are thinking of selling this one and buying some tools so he won't have to borrow others and he'll have them for future projects.  We'll see- we haven't decided yet.  Are plans are to find some chairs that we love.  If they are costly then we'll buy one a month until we have a full set..... slow and steady wins the race!

I'm so excited about this table!  This is not one that I plan on keeping for a few years and then trading it in.  I would love to see my grandchildren sit at this table some day, Lord willing.  It's special.

Just wanted to share this exciting piece of our life with you!