Sunday, July 22, 2012


It's that time again... time to show you that we take lots of pictures, but don't always do a good job about blogging.  So, with all due respect... tons of pictures of our two loves:

Riding Cowboy's tractor

Off of iphone.... at Easter we went to the Feed Store and held the bunnies & ducks....see pic below

The three pictures above and a few below are from Lantz's iphone.  He doesn't clean it off to often, so I had to wait to blog about them.  I love the pictures below so much.  It was Sawyer's first day in Bible class.  Right now the girls are in the same class and it makes me so happy.  Kennedie will move up this fall, but I love the fact that they get to sing songs & learn about God's love together.  Just precious.  This was taken when Sawyer was about 2 months old.

We have been doing ALOT of swimming this summer.  Kennedie has really become such a great little swimmer.  She just kicks all around the pool with her little life jacket.  I really want to try to get her in lessons where she'll learn HOW to swim and not just little play stuff.  Surprisingly Sawyer is such a little water baby.  She is SO happy and content in the water.  She just kicks and splashes & smiles.... don't mind the first picture of the first swim below.... besides that picture she loves the water.  :)

Okay.... that's all that time will allow for now.  More to come later.  :)

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