Friday, June 15, 2012

4 Months

4 Months is hard to write about.  I don't know why, but I feel like it's just too big.  I mean.... in some ways I think 3 months and under are infants, but once they hit 4 months they are no longer infants, but babies.  So, my little baby is 4 months old today.  How is that possible that sweet Sawyer Sue is already at this mark??

Precious girl:
- You still loved to be held and cuddled, and we still love doing it.  We are glad that your sleeping habits have smoothed back out and we are able to get our 8- 9 hours of sleep at night.  :) Thanks.
- Not exactly sure how big you are, but we'll go to the doctor next week and see.  You are surprisingly still in some 0-3 month clothing and some of your 3-6 month pieces.  I'm not so sure you are growing quit as fast as you were, but we'll soon find out.
- You've been eating great lately.  A few weeks ago you dropped down to 5 feedings a day and you seem to be doing great with it. You have upped your time on each side of the breast though, but you still seem to be a happy baby when you are done eating.  When I pump a bottle for you- it seems like you'll eat anywhere from 4 & 1/2 ounces to 6 ounces.  You like to eat like your mommy! :)
- You went to church camp for the first time this month.  You got to go to Kadesh at ACU.  Hopefully one day when you are a teenage you'll get to go back as a camper.  You were such a rockstar at camp.  You rode peacefully in your Baby B'journ (sp?) all week, and just went with the flow.  Some days at camp you ate 6 times a day, but others only 5.
-You are definitely a little drool monster lately.  I wonder if you'll be cutting some teeth soon.
- You are so SMILEY!!!  We love it!  You are such a happy baby and we love cooing with you and listening to you "talk" to us and smile at us.  You have also started to give us some small little belly laughs.... nothing completely full blown yet.... lots of talking... especially, "oh," with a big smile. :) Precious.
- You still have your pretty blue eyes and your soft curls.... you are such a pretty baby.
-You have started sitting in your Bumbo this month.  You can't stay in there too long because your neck starts to flail over, but you last for about 10 minutes or so.  Such a big girl.
-You have started to really take to your big sister this month. It seems like your eyes "track" her more and more.  It's almost like you are already "looking up" to her.

Dearest and most beautiful Sawyer, you are my sunshine.  My day is always brighter because of you.  You truly do light up a room.  I can't help but stare at you and talk to you often.  I pray that we'll always be close and that you'll want to share sweet moments with me forever.  You are such a good baby... always so easy going and willing to go with the flow.  I love watching you explore the world with your big blue eyes..... you like to sit and take it all in, and I like to sit and take you all in.  You are my precious girl and I love you so much sweetheart.  Words can't express what my heart feels for you.  Thank you Lord for my gentle and loving Sawyer.  I love you baby girl. 

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