Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picture Dump....

I wish I was better about blogging.  Really.  I enjoy documenting our life on here.... even if no one reads this, I like to have it all here for me.  It's fun to go back and read old posts and relive adventures or every day life.  (Am I the only one who does that?  ... Goes back and re-reads your own blog?)  Anywho.  To say that life has changed with the addition of a second baby would be an understatement.  Time in the day just seems to dwindle away too quick for me to find time to sit and write & upload pictures.  Hence today will be a day of just a wide array of every day pictures from the past few weeks.  I had hopes of sitting and writing about alot of these everyday things, but that's not going to happen.  I figure I'm doing good just to get them out there.  Oh... and since I'm so behind- you'll notice Sawyer's growth as the pictures go on.
So here it goes.... picture dump:

Orange Fuzzi-Bunz love

Kennedie was trying to swaddle her baby.. .she's such a good little mommy.

Using the potty like a big girl.  More on that mess later.


Love that they have a few matching outfits... so fun to dress them alike.

All smiles!

Ummm... and we did take some pictures in the bluebonnets too.  Better late than never on posting them.....

Best we could get of both the girls

Rocking horse that her great-grandfather Poppa made.  (My dad's dad.)

What was that?  Oh, you wanted to see some pictures from Easter... why yes Easter was a month ago, but here are a few pictures:

Family Easter picture 

First egg hunt was indoor due to the rain. Bummer- but it was still fun!

Cowboy held Sawyer while Kennedie hunted eggs

Okay... no more Easter... back to normal life:
A lady bug and a duck.  :)

Love this picture... no editing done.
All smiles.... :) LOVE it!

Silly girl... got into the wrapping stuff and came out with a "purse" and "hat."

She was teething a week or so ago & EVERYTHING went in her mouth again.

LOVE this outfit that some sweet friends of ours gave Kennedie.  

This was my outfit when I was a baby... doesn't she just look so sweet in it?  (And doesn't that headband rock?  A sweet lady friend at church made that for her... oh, & the one in the picture below!)

Kennedie's first time to ice skate.  Thanks lost and found for the coat we borrowed!

Sweet Courtney, one of our 9th graders, holding Sawyer for the first time.

Daddy & Sawyer reading before bed.


Kennedie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her "Nancy, Nancy" books!

Time out.  We've seen alot of this corner lately.

Two of my loves.

Umm.... she is OBSESSED with these heels of mine.  She gets them out of the closet all the time.  I did not ever teach her this- this was all on her own.  Gotta love that she's 100% girl!

Okay.... I have to stop.  I just realized that this post is a mile long & I still have pictures to share.  That just means that I'll have to make myself sit down & post more frequently.  At least we all know that I've only been slacking on blogging and not taking pictures.  Ha!  Thanks for sticking with me the whole way.  


  1. I love these pictures! :) I need to update my blog more often too, it started as a family blog then slowly morphed more into my scrapbooking LOL =)

    I love how girly your girls are and I love that Julie loves to sit next to Kennedie at bible class :) See you on Sunday!

  2. Love love love these pictures of your beautiful girls! They make me smile. I know they'll be the best of friends. Xoxo

  3. Your girls are just beautiful, Jessica! Thanks for sharing, you are already making me want another baby with all this sister love - ha! Also, you look amazing - no one would believe you had a baby a couple months ago!

  4. SUPER cute pictures!! Glad you updated!

  5. GREAT pictures!!! Glad you updated.