Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sawyer is TWO months old!

I can't believe that baby girl is already 2 months old!  Time flies when you are having fun!  Here are a few fun facts about my little Sawyer Sue:

Dearest Sawyer:

- You are such a sweet laid back baby.  You just seem to go with the flow & I love that!
-You really love to be held.  You are a little cuddle-bug.... I wish I could enjoy it a little more than what I am right now.  Your big sister still needs lots of attention too, but when I have the chance, I love holding you & soaking it all in.
- You are still a big girl.  We go to the doctor tomorrow, so we'll see what you weigh, & how long you are.  I'm guessing you are over the 50th percentile in both.  LOVE how you are so squishy!  You are starting to get tiny little rolls on your arms and legs, and yes, your double chin appears every now and then!  You are absolutely adorable.
- Speaking of size, you have definitely surpassed your newborn attire and have moved on to your 0-3 month clothing.... and low and behold you have even ventured into some 3-6 month clothing!
- The most exciting news is that you are sleeping through the night!  Yeah!  What's more is that you have been sleeping through the night since you were 6 &1/2 weeks old.  You started with 7 hours a night and now you've worked your way to 8 &1/2 to 9 hours each night.  You must take after your mommy- loving your sleep and all!
- You are still eating great!  You eat 6 times a day approximately every 3 hours.
- It still takes you awhile to burp... sometimes 20-30 minutes before we get a good burp out of you.  If we don't get you to burp then you are quick to remind us with your spit up that you need your burping.  Sometimes you need to burp and then burp again within20-30 minutes otherwise you spit up.  But for the most part I would still say you are not a spit-up baby.
-You had some pretty bad baby acne a few weeks ago, but it is pretty much all clear now.
- This week you have started to find your voice. You have cooed at us or "talked" to us a few times.  Not a cry- just a little vocal noise... so sweet.
- Your eyes are still VERY blue.  It would surprise me if they changed colors just because they are so bright blue, but you never know... they say they can change all the way until a baby is one.
- You have curls on the top of your head!  So fun!
- We painted your toes for the first time on Easter... gotta get that girly side going!
- You are still swaddled every night.
- You already like to practice standing.  Your little legs are already so strong.
- Best thing ever is that you have started to smile at us when we make faces at you.

My precious little doodle-bug Sawyer, oh how I love you!  You are my little cuddle bug and I love it!  I love it when you fall asleep on my chest sometimes at 3:30 when I sneak a little nap in every once in awhile.... I will treasure that more than you know.  Your sweet little smiles are to die for!  You mean so much to me & I feel so blessed that you are my daughter.  You are the sweetest little thing and I love you so much.

Yes, she really is this big.... it's not just the picture!

Check out those curls!

Sleeping Beauty

Falling asleep during tummy time.

Love the giraffe Wubba-Nub

Where Miss Sawyer likes to hang out while Kennedie & I are playing.

What are you looking at?

"In case you haven't seen my blue eyes...."