Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sawyer is 3 Weeks old!

Man, if you think time flies when you have one kid- then try having two!  It seems like yesterday- literally- that we brought Sawyer home.  It's so crazy that she's been apart of our family for 3 weeks.  It's been so fun being a mommy of two girls, but wow!... it can be crazy at times.  I feel like I'll start to get the hang of it and then something happens, and I'm like... whoa- how am I supposed to do this?  Slowly but surely we'll get there.  

So..... here's a little bit about our newest family member:

- She is very laid back.... it's like she knows that she is the second child and that she just needs to go with the flow.
- Sawyer loves to eat!  She eats about every 2 and a half hours.  At first she was eating for about 12 minutes on each side, but now it's more like 7 minutes per side.  But when she eats she makes me laugh so hard.... she is so predictable.  She squirms and squirms to eat and when she gets latched on she'll suck for about 30 seconds to a minute (enough to let my milk fall) and then she will pull off and take a "breather" for about 30 seconds while my milk just pours out everywhere!  It's a wet process to eat that's for sure... but it never fails- it's like that almost every time.
- Sawyer is not a very good burper.... it takes us awhile to get a good burp at times, but every day she seems to be getting better and better.
- Sawyer went to the doctor for her two week check up last week, and lets just say that right now she is not following in her sisters footsteps as far as her size.  Right now she is a growing baby!  Sawyer weighed in last week at 8lbs and 12 oz (62%) and was 22" long (94%).... so she has grown 1lb & 4oz and an inch & a half in 2 weeks... CRAZY!  It's cause she is such a good eater!
-The first three nights were pretty rough on us.  She cluster fed all night the first three nights so we didn't get much sleep at all.  But then it's weird- she turned into an awesome sleeper.  I was having to wake her twice at night to feed her (Why wake her, you might ask... I just worry with her being so small that she needs to eat).  Then three nights ago I slept through my alarm, and so she only ate once.  Then two nights ago I tried to wake her twice again and she was just not interested in eating... she wanted to sleep. So last night we did one feeding again (I woke her) and she did great.... so we'll see... I'm thinking she is already transitioning to one feeding at night.  It worries me some, but I guess she'll wake up if she's hungry, and she is eating great during the day, so, I guess I'll get to sleep some more.  It makes me kinda sad though... during the night it's my only time with just the two of us and I get to gawk over her.... I may not be ready for her to only eat once even if she is. :)

Needless to say we are loving our new addition to the family.  It's so weird to be a family of four... I feel so grown up... or maybe just old.  Either way I am totally in love with my new little girl.... she is awesome! 

A few solo pictures of our little pumpkin-doodle over the last few weeks:

(PS- the HUGE giveaway is still coming soon- I promise!  Oh- and Sawyer's newborn pictures {so cute!} .... and a sister's post with K & Sawyer together!.... I'm really trying to catch up on my blogging!)


  1. She is soooo precious! What a blessing to have two cuties! It is a lot of work, but so glad things are going well!

  2. She is absolutely precious!! And hallelujah for a good eater! I'm praying that Adler is a better eater than Lofton so that I don't have to worry about the weight category so much this time around :) So happy for you guys!