Thursday, March 22, 2012

22 Months

Why yes.... that is a super cute 22 month old in that picture above!  I can't even begin to tell how much fun Kennedie is now a days!  I really just love this stage that she's in.  I love that she understands everything that I tell her & that she can pretty much communicate everything to me (even if no one else can understand).  I love that she will randomly tell me things that I had no idea that she knew the meaning of.  She smiles & laughs so much, & she's just so much fun I can hardly stand it.  I will find myself just smiling from ear to ear throughout the day at something funny she said or did.... it's awesome! So here is the low down on what has been going on this last month:

Fun little Kennedie:

-The biggest thing this month is that you've become interested in pottying!!!!  I have no idea about this whole potty training thing at all... I should probably order a book or something (any recommendations?).  You have tinkled on the potty 3 times and pooped on the potty 3 times!  You normally tell us potty after you have already gone, but occasionally you will tell us before-hand.  (Does anyone have any advice as far as all of this is concerned?  Is this too early to start this process, or do you have something that has worked well for your child?)
- You are adjusting much better with Sawyer around the house.  You love her SO much & always want to help out.  We were having some problems with you listening to us at first, but now you are starting to mind again much  better.
- You still pretty much want us to hold you 24 hours a day.  I think you see Sawyer being held so much and so you want to be held too.
- You love to "wace" (race) and you love it when we "dit you" (get you)!
- This week you actually started trying to call your Cowboy (my dad) by his name.  You used to call him "boy" and now you will say "Towboy."  You call "Towboy" on your phone all the time or you pray for "Towboy."  It's so cute!!!  You tell me all about the "hosies" (horses) and that the cows say "moo" anytime you talk about him.
- You have said "Baxton" (Braxton- our nephew) for a few months now, but we haven't been able to get you to say Cason or Mikalie because their names are to hard to pronounce for you.  This month you have started to point to their picture and say "Tason" and "Talie"... So cute!  You always ask about them & "whe at?"  or say "swimin" because you got to swim with them this month when they were in town.
- You have started to say your own prayers this month!  I LOVE this!  You will repeat us when we say, "Dear God" you say "Dod" and then we say thank you for all of our family & alot of times you will go on to say family member's names without us prompting you.  This just melts my heart.  I love that you are already talking to our Father.
- One of my favorite things is that you will cover your face and say "whe she at...... there you go."  You say this also when we dress you & your shirt goes over your face, or when Sawyer is getting clothes on... or you'll cover our face with your hands and say it.  It is just the cutest thing EVER!
- You are pretty much wearing only 18 month clothing now.  It's still a little big on you, but 12 month stuff is pretty much officially to small now.
- You still take two 1&1/2 hour to 2 hour naps a day.  You are doing great in your big girl bed.  At night I think you've had a few nightmares this month because sometimes you will cry out for us.... I'm not sure if it's that or if Sawyer grunts or something and wakes you up.  You have woken up several times this month due to her crying, but you just go right back to sleep after we kiss you & calm Sawyer down.

Sweet Kennedie, you are just too much fun right now.  Everything you do or say just tends to make me smile.  I love your fun little full-of-life personality & how excited you get about the smallest things.  I love that you are learning how to pray and that you will start to try to sing some of the Bible songs with me.  It warms my heart to know that you are talking to the Lord.  You are so sweet and I just love holding you and rocking you and giving you kisses and hugs... and it's so fun to watch you and Daddy race.  You are just a little ray of sunshine & I'm so happy to be your Mommy.  You make me so happy sweetie. I love you so much!

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