Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kennedie's Cuteness!

I have a few pictures of my big girl that I wanted to share with you before Sawyer arrives & I forget to post them up.  Here is my sweetie just being adorable:

The next picture makes me happy.  Kennedie loves it when we make homemade biscuits in the morning.  I mean, this girl really loves her some biscuits.  She will walk around saying, "Biscuit," in this adorable high-pitched kind of voice.  On this particular morning she got her own plate out and was standing in front of the oven waiting for the biscuits to finish cooking.  So cute:

The next two crack me up.  If you are friends on Facebook with the Chick-fil-a here in McKinney they give something away free every Friday.  Well, last Friday we got some free chicken strips. Kennedie was loving them way to much.... well, not so much the chicken as the barbecue sauce.  She had it everywhere..... notice the second picture where she bent over and started licking it right out of the container... priceless!

Look closely at the next one.... last Sunday after church Lantz had Kennedie while I went home to get ready for Lindsay Chance's baby shower (pictures soon).  He was getting ice for me in our cooler and letting Kennedie ride on it back to the car.  Well, he got distracted talking to people and she fell right off & busted it pretty bad.  Her lip and chin really took a hit, & she was bleeding.  She's all smiles in this picture, but bless her heart.

Kennedie likes to have her picture taken when Mommy takes a belly shot.  The first is her attempt at smiling at the for Daddy (and like Daddy she manages to close her eyes for the camera), and the second is her watching Mommy pose for the picture:

Finally, our silly little girl..... Here she is being a ham.  She is wearing a wig that her cousin left at our house at Christmas.... she thinks it's so funny to wear or to make us wear.

That's all for now folks!  Hope you enjoy looking at our little sweet pea as much as we do!

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