Friday, January 20, 2012

Kennedie's First Hair Cut

Okay.... so this is pretty late.  Oops.  Kennedie finally got her first hair cut (close to a month ago).  It took awhile for us to make this happen.... I just had a hard time with it.  It seemed like such a big thing to me, and I loved her sweet little baby hair.  It really wasn't that big of a deal, & I'm sure no one noticed except for Lantz and me.

Kennedie had this little bitty rat's tail type thing in the back and it was starting to get out of control.  It was just this strip of hair right in the middle back of her head that was longer than everything else, so it looked like a little rat's tail.  It was time to take care of it.  Lucky for us, my sister is a hair stylist, and so while she was in at Christmas we had "Aunt Feather" give Kennedie her first hair cut.  I was also getting my hair done, so pardon me in the pictures.  Lantz took pictures to document.... but I didn't get a before and after shot-- she was too wiggly.  We did this on Christmas night, and so we had already had a super long day that day.

Picture overload:

This was a VERY big day for Miss Kennedie.... and almost too much for her Mommy & Daddy.  She got her big girl bed from Santa, rode in her big girl car seat, and got her first hair cut.... too much growing up in one day for us!

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